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wait how tf is this possible

uhhhh lmao it's 4

hmmm i'll try developing. btw pls check out my new game (literally just released) :)

and i just realised you're adofai dev...
holy shit lmao

hmmm this game seems to have a lot of comments.
does make me a bit motivated to continue with this game and expand it. 

for the people who have commented here, is it worth it? do you think all ideas have been exhausted without resorting to more walking? i may consider adding extra mechanics but i'll have to think of one that is simple and has depth


thanks! May go remake puzzle 3


thanks for your comment!

oh haha it works now

idk what happened

why do i exit the game everytime i fail or win a level?

thanks :)

you made me say "oh, FUCK you" 50 times. good job, this template really did its job

yeah i also design games on puzzlescript but i don't think i would have came up with the idea this quickly

i found too much cheese in this game.

anyways nice game! surprised how you can make such a good game in 3 days

haha lmao

wish there was debug mode like celeste, it makes these stuff easier

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thanks for comments!
yeah the long walk was to allow the player to walk through the whole map, all 16 screens.
update coming with lower key repeat interval and some other stuff soon :)
(update probably coming in a few hours actually)

fun! didn't understand red for quite a while lmao

Thanks! :)

really fun and interesting game! art is decently good too lmao

funny game haha 

rather fun! interested to see how this was coded though


my brain cannot do this. help.

fun game! i like how the mechanics were developed. simple but fun :)

as a platformer player, i love this game! although i don't get why anyone would have the insanity to design this anyway.

thanks for playing! I'll add funny messages in next update. How did you feel about the game in general? Too tedious? Did the aha moment after the first checkpoint feel good?


finally! all 51 levels!

i remember starting this a year ago when i didn't have an account and deemed every level past lvl 30 "unsolvable". glad to see that my puzzle skill has increased, and thank you for the hour of fun i had today (not including your other games, which i am still working on)

really fun! just came from pocket mouse and i like this game too :)
no level select makes me a bit unhappy though

very creative! i like the puzzles.

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3043! fun but my mouse skills suck too much haha

edit: 6646!

i found too many sneezing-inducing cheeses in this game i choked on my chalk.

fun game though

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nice! going to try out the game again

edit: much better this time!

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Yeah i saw your game afterwards. Decided to keep it this way though. Both for copyright reasons and because it's significantly easier this way (it took me like 15 minutes to do your level)

nice game!

could be because of the code, but the game is rather laggy though. have you tried using the local radius mod? (i don't remember the exact name but it allows rules to only be carried out in a certain area, which may help with this)

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"please don't do that" haha

wow this is actually really cool! thks for the fun puzzle :)

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haha i blame that on sailyn for creating that puzzle

also you may be able to tell which puzzles are designed by me and which are designed by sailyn (except the section 1 levels, there's literally no way to tell)

The legendary drugged sailyn!!!

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my greatest knightmare. (fun puzzle though)

and how tf is 13 move solution even possible.

btw for anyone who checks my games (more specifically knight sokoban) i did not copy this game, and was just aware of it. 


how are you so consistent?

same, i'm stumped haha
will try lvl 3 for a while, i'll let you know if i find the solution