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Yes. I did :)

but it s worth it :) 

Thanks for playing

hola, los hice todos yo


function _draw()cls()t+=.25u=t/450v=59-u%1*60\1 ..""



if t<0then

?-u\1 ..":"..v..""..z,0,58,7




fillp(░)if btn(5)then



for i=1,.6,-.12do circ(q,q,r*i,c+i*5)end




if(t==1or t==3)cls(12)


?"hold\n\n ❎",24,21,7




if t>p then

?"press ❎",0,58







love the drone :)

thanks à lot fort the feedback, i really appreciate it.

i’ll keep fixing thé game, thé Green stuff should nt stucked.

Will rate.

Thanks still working on it and its turning out amazing. But i haven't been able to post it yet, there's still a fix to be made for the movement:

i m havent troubles Wish thé collisions, thé hexes were supposed to sink and if there s no lillypad a frog would Die. I m working as fast as i can to fix the versión

thanks, still working on it right now trying to fix it

thanks. I ll fix it. It still a wip

sorry. I ll improcedente that

thanks, will let everyone know, i appreciate the feedback and see a lot of potential here :)

thanks. Will do, Time got me and i m stilll fixing bugs, it will get better in some days when it’s finished

thanks, yes. I m still working on it and will stars bug fixing tomorrow, i se a lot or potential here in extra cards as prizes

thanks Mat

thanks milo :) I hope you enjoyed it



I want to make something in pico-8. Anyone would like to team up?

Hello IrregularGorilla, thanks for playing. I will add your handle to it :) Expect this update soon(tm).

I'm glad you had luck with the secret achievements.

thanks! It started as a happy bug and it quickly reminded me of how space invader speeded up after you killed a couple of invaders 

El press x+down para iniciar ayuda mucho :)

Thanks :)

i m glad you like it, i was wondering if the animation was good enough

thanks it was the first thing done :) 

thanks. I hope it was fun to play. It's a 558 char count, though :)

gracias, liberé antes por que necesitaba el input, pero esa era la idea de la tinta desde el principio. Que bueno que te gus. Ya con las anguilas de la derecha y mejor diseño de niveles me sorprendió lo divertido qué se volvió. Espero te gustara la ruleta. Me acabe todos mis tokens en ella :)

Those eels are such a buzzkill 😉 try getting the hang of it in easy mode. Thanks for playing.🦑

thanks.  I'll add something like that. How far did you get?

Hello NorthStateGames, 

thanks a lot for playing.

There is no end to the game, the maximum score is about 32,200 points.

Would you recommend and ending after this? just a quick foreword or something like it.

thanks ☺️

gracias. Ya estoy poniendo a la morena qué faltaba de la derecha.

ya no estoy pudiendo pasar del primer cuarto, no se haya habido algún cambio 

как хорошо! надеюсь сыграть в это скоро

Please help me out with a comment so i can make the game better. A quick comment let me know what's working and what's not.

Hello Itchers, i hope you are having a nice weekend.

Today i'm releasing my retro arcade game Squid! Escape! Fight!:

In this cozy adventure you will swim in the ocean finding new friends and avoiding pesky enemies in it's 14 levels of fishy madness.

I need your input so i can add new levels and check what's working and what's not, i still have 11 days left until A Game By It's Cover Jam is over, plenty of time to add save points and high scores.

Let me know if you had a good time :)


Today it s workong a little more 🥰🥰🥰

it s working!🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

this is awesome