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yo 👋🏻

thanks. Will look into it

Thanks. In the Jams i think Juice is King.

good gameplay and nice music. 👍 well done Leah.

Nice submission, I specially liked turning the brakes.

thanks you so much, Jupi.

thanks for playing. Abuse as much as you want, they like it.

thanks for playing.

I think that guy deserved it 😂

thanks for playing. Balancing is a struggle 🙂

thanks so much, your comment really made me happy. Sorry about the music I was in the clock.

thanks, as soon as they unlock it I m doing some balancing tweaks like more guys in the harder levels

i m glad you liked it 🙂

awesome game

thanks bruno. I m glad you liked the drawings

thanks, i ll check that mini game 


done ;)


You could say they are out of control 😁

thanks, they were a last minute addition. I think I may do it on unity for mobile

thanks tom, I'm glad you liked the sprites :)

the medals barely made it :)

it was an awesome first jam, keep the good work.

Lovely Ziggy reference :)

I found it daunting as I had to check constantly the control scheme.  Keep the good work and try to read about "coyote jump" for platforms, I think it would greatly improve it

Thanks dudif, I'm already playing it :) nice to see you around.

Thank you very much

Thanks. Maybe it s time for some unity 😉

you enjoying it is enough thanks 😊

please do complain, it gives me something to look forward to 🙂

Thanks for playing

thanks. It took all the first day to make everything look like this

thanks. Pico-8 is love.

thanks, i ll check on that

thanks, the struggling IS the game 😂

The more you go the harder it is, after bouncing a couple of times they start blinking and then blow out.

I love how you described, I was trying to evoke a hungry hungry hyppos feels

Thanks. It brought me Joy  to make it 😊

thanks levi. I m glad you find the music coherente with the art. It was more the expression of a feeling than a mature idea.

thanks for playing, it s nice that the pico 8 community is present.

What do you mean combining? Do you mean New colors? Beige, purple, Orange?

thank you very much. That s as far as o got in 48 hours but I ll try to reiterate in the design when the submissions unlock

thanks, I hope you had a good time

thanks for playing, i haven’t seen that bug but another guy mentioned too, was it in higher level?

Each level the timer runs faster and a couple of other tweaks.

Thanks for playing. I m glad you find out how to play it, think that the instructions are my weakest point

there was supposed to be a monster on later level that only wanted to eat some colors. But that s as far as I could get in 48 hours. Thanks for playing, specially since no many people reach the higher levels, did you get medals?