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This game is so difficult it’s hard to get into! It would be nice if the gravity wasn’t quite so strong to make it easier to hover. Dying within a few seconds over and over again is just demoralising!

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I’m just coming back to say how much I am enjoying this game. It’s a perfect PlayDate experience. I love the puzzles and the different  abilities which work really well. It’s just the sort of game that I purchased the PlayDate for - it reminds me of the classic BBC Micro game called Citadel. If I was to quibble, I would say the music is its weakest component - the tunes are a bit sparce and repetitive. One other frustration is the long walk from the save screen to the boss battle in the west tower, which I am currently struggling to beat. Every time you die, you have to work your way back through the same four rooms just to do battle again. It gets a bit frustrating. Two small criticism on an otherwise excellent game.

UPDATE: I finally beat the boss and finished the game at 99%. No idea how to get the final 1% which is going to bug me!

I wasn’t, but I just installed the update and it seems you solved it. Plus thanks for fixing the walking speed - it is MUCH better now.

definitely bugs need to be fixed

wow, I’m not sure how I was being so dim not figuring that out

This is just my sort of game - a classic adventure platformer! Very cool!

However.... how can I be stuck on the first puzzle? The “crank flaming pot to heat cog to open door” puzzle has me completely stumped! The door won’t stay open! Can anyone help me out?