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My only criticism from the demo is it feels too much like I am rotating the tube rather than steering the ship.  

I originally purchased this game on here. Is it possible to get a coupon for the Catalog version? I know they are more or less identical but it would be nice to be able to have automatic updates etc. I think the Catalog version has a map which mine does not.

FWIW, you don't even need a physical Playdate to develop for it: it.

(I concede it would probably be useful to be able to test on real hardware though)

I love this game. I would love to see it ported to the Playdate.

I would love to see this ported to the Playdate. It would a great fit.

167 ore from one level!

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Please don’t take my comments as negativity. I am absolutely loving this game, but with a few refinements it could be even better.

A couple of other suggestions:

  • I think it would be good if there was an indication as to what level you are on. Perhaps display a title card at start of each level to display the current depth. E.g. Level 1 = 100m. Level 2 = 200m etc.
  • It might be too resource intensive but I though it would be cool if monsters could spawn out of holes in the ground.
  • With the right combination of luck and equipment choices I have found I can mine 100 ore from a single level, whereas other choices will only only get me a few per level. Maybe this is a feature, but it feels a little unbalanced. I find myself trying to get force field and radio waves plus the mining addon simply to get the big bucks, and then keep mining until the time runs out. Then I have loads to spend in the store for next time.
  • It would be nice if the radio waves looked like waves rather than balls. Perhaps little curve lines that fire out wards.
  • Sometimes between levels it is forcing me to switch to diferent weapons when I really want to keep the ones I have. Is this a design choice?
  • When swapping out an existing weapon, the replacement always seems to say lvl 1. Is this a bug?
  • Rather that’s ‘Deploy’ and ‘Unlock’, perhaps ‘Deploy’ and ‘Shop’?
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I’m enjoying this game, but I must admit I was a bit confused by the diference between inter-level upgrades and the ones we buy from mined ore. Is there a difference? Also what is “Crit Chance”?

One suggestion, I would like it if the ore piles could have different art to show how close they are to being mined. Perhaps the mound could get more broken down, as you mine them. It wasn’t that clear to begin with that you mine them by attacking them in the same way you attack the aliens. If they were to break down as you mined them it would help show that progress is being made.

I agree that some of the weapons could be improved. The electricity weapons are amazing (static field and shock prod) but the lasers and rockets are rather frustrating to use. The way they rotate about you is annoying particularly as there is no way to aim. Perhaps they could fire in a random direction for each shot but give you some lead time with the crosshairs, so you will know where it will be. It would also be nice if hitting an enemy caused it to react in some way - perhaps have them pushed back a tiny amount.

Other than that this is really great. Definitely a worthwhile colaboration!

I would love to see this ported to PlayDate

I'm pleased about the gap fix. I literally gave up after probably 100 attempts, each time plummeting to the bottom again!

This is interesting - thanks for sharing. I think the Catalog store is going to make things much better for developers and Playdate users. There is currently a lot of friction involved with purchasing, downloading and sideloading games for the Playdate. Being able to browse and purchase games on device will be a game changer. (No pun intended!)

Just pulled the trigger! Installing now!

are you still planning some bonus content? I really enjoyed the game. I just wished it was a bit longer. :)

This game is so difficult it’s hard to get into! It would be nice if the gravity wasn’t quite so strong to make it easier to hover. Dying within a few seconds over and over again is just demoralising!

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I’m just coming back to say how much I am enjoying this game. It’s a perfect PlayDate experience. I love the puzzles and the different  abilities which work really well. It’s just the sort of game that I purchased the PlayDate for - it reminds me of the classic BBC Micro game called Citadel. If I was to quibble, I would say the music is its weakest component - the tunes are a bit sparce and repetitive. One other frustration is the long walk from the save screen to the boss battle in the west tower, which I am currently struggling to beat. Every time you die, you have to work your way back through the same four rooms just to do battle again. It gets a bit frustrating. Two small criticism on an otherwise excellent game.

UPDATE: I finally beat the boss and finished the game at 99%. No idea how to get the final 1% which is going to bug me!

I wasn’t, but I just installed the update and it seems you solved it. Plus thanks for fixing the walking speed - it is MUCH better now.

definitely bugs need to be fixed

wow, I’m not sure how I was being so dim not figuring that out

This is just my sort of game - a classic adventure platformer! Very cool!

However.... how can I be stuck on the first puzzle? The “crank flaming pot to heat cog to open door” puzzle has me completely stumped! The door won’t stay open! Can anyone help me out?