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What a wonderful little game, which introduced me to an interesting story. I very much enjoyed this. Thank you.

hey thanks! I really appreciate it! 

PLAY HERE :  ! Thank you for trying my game!

Mixing Asteroids and Galaga gets you something close to this game! I'm excited to present to you my first fully completed project: Alien Hunter! I've learned so much over my time as a gamedev, and have not really finished my projects. A huge milestone for me was finishing this game, flaws and all! I hope you all love it as much as I do, and will leave some comments on the page and some feedback as well!

This game is an endless shooter, but there is a mini boss at wave 10 and a final boss at wave 20. You use your mouse to direct your ships direction. You can fire with left mouse button and fly with space bar. Destroy the enemies! Blue enemies fly directly towards you, red ones fire at you, purple ones shoot a burst your direction! They stack up fast, so be sure to collect the shield power ups to keep yourself in the fight! You can also collect the rapid fire power up to gain rapid fire abilities and destroy the enemies! Reach the highest wave possible (the waves go on endlessly after wave 20!)  and beat your highscore!

If you really are adventurous, try to find the secret easter egg I hid! (You may find it by accident!) 

Good luck, thanks for checking out my post and please leave me some feedback so I can make better games in the future!

This is one of the most terrifying experiences I have ever seen. I strapped on my pistol, grabbed my M4 and headed into the room. Fully confident I would be able to ice the homie headed towards me. I unloaded an entire magazine into IT'S chest, but to my horror, he kept advancing towards me, his gun in hand. I dove behind a wall trying to conceal myself to reload. My hands were shaking as I tried to reload, but it was difficult to grab the magazine off my hip as I was crouched, and then I couldnt charge the handle in time. I stood up to fire and the absolutely terrifying dummy was 1 foot in front of me, gun outstretched. He pulled the trigger.

11/10, would be terrified again. OP, please create horror survival mode. 

Such a great concept. Really cute and fun. I think this would make an EXCELLENT VR title, and would really be fun using the magnifying glass with oculus touch. Take this concept and RUN.

Bandersnatch Jam community · Created a new topic Discord?

Can we get a discord for us to show eachother our work/chat about the jam/theme and topic? Would be nice

Played it, and got to around 800 points before I got rekt. v.v RIP. Fun tho