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hi uh, is there any way i can contact you about this? veadotube dev here

i thought over it a bit more, and i think i'd rather if whoever wants to use the assets bella & i made for this app talks to us beforehand!

i don't really have time to check in here! and on top of that most of the issues here are either already in the troubleshooting page or easily googleable

i definitely wanna finish the full app this year but i can't say more than that for now!

there are lots of other apps and tools out there if you're so bothered by me setting boundaries for myself and the things i create

i love the mockup! i could see this working for a few cases but i think it complicates mini further than i'd like -- the full version will feature advanced state machines though

i had to add the 2048x2048 limit due to issues with large textures :0 but you can just resize the images, right? if you're not streaming at higher than 1080p then the difference between 2048x2048 and anything higher shouldn't be visible

the add image buttons not working is a common bug on newer macs (the silicon ones) but otherwise this seems weird. could you dm me about it on twitter? i'm @olmewe in there :0

hmm could you send me the gif file itself so i can test it?

it's a weird texture bug related to unity! i've been slowly working on a fix but i can't guarantee anything yet.

seems like an issue with your antivirus (specifically smartscreen on windows), not sure how to fix that though :[

i've never used lightstream, but it should have the option to enable transparency; if neither that nor chroma key work then there isn't much to do :[

potentially some firewall/antivirus issue! sometimes the system reads veado as a virus and tries to get rid of it

yes! you can use obs to create a virtual camera with veadotube in it, and then select that virtual camera on zoom or any other apps that use the webcam.

that's certainly a unity bug :[ i'll see what i can do nonetheless

ah, apparently mini doesn't work with anything less than high sierra (10.13) :[ sorry about that

hmm could you send me the gif file itself so i can test it over here?

there are no plans for a mobile port as of yet, no!

oh that's new :o which macOS version are you on?

this usually happens with laptops, try explicitely telling obs to open with the dedicated gpu (right click on the exe > run with graphics processor > select the option that isn't integrated graphics). if that doesn't solve it, i'm not sure yet what could be :[ it's certainly something with obs though

hmm now that's new. could you dm me at olmewe on twitter about this? (or if you don't have a twitter)

hmm it's not officially supported on mini! if you're doing it with everyone on the same computer, you can have two instances of mini open, each with a different avatar and microphone. a friend did something like this between different computers using udp streams on obs; i've never done it though, and it apparently gets dangerously technical. ideally the full version will cover some cases like that but i'm still studying it :]

that's being fixed as we speak! a bugfix update will be available soon. sorry for the inconvenience.

ah no i don't :[ if you can email me at then

thanks for explaining! i also didn't know how that worked, but it makes sense, yeah.

hmm that's weird. could you dm me about it? my twitter is olmewe :0

apparently that's a thing with your graphics card fighting over which thing to give more attention to, either veadotube or your game. i saw some people suggesting fixes here but i haven't tested them yet (like this one

i'll have to say i can't do much about it if the restart fix doesn't work :[ mini uses unity's microphone system, and it depends on them to fix corner issues like yours. sorry for the inconvenience

i'd recommend 2048x2048, but in the end it depends on your stream resolution :]

there are a few bugs with image loading on 1.3, and there's a chance that the avatar that's saved with 1.2 has an image that breaks with 1.3 and it crashes.

you can open 1.2, open one of the default .veadomini files on it, close it, and open 1.3. it shouldn't crash after that :0

but yeah your old avatar probably won't work on 1.3 because of those bugs. i'm really sorry for the inconvenience

depends on the platform! in general restarting the app once or twice should fix it in most cases. if it doesn't, there isn't much i can do for now. sorry for the inconvenience!

hmm that's not an issue i found on my machine(s). could you send me the files you're trying to load? can be in private, on twitter at olmewe.

this latest update (1.3) should've fixed it, if it didn't then it simply won't work for now :[ sorry for the inconvenience

hmm there were a few issues with the file selector on apple silicon machines. is your mac one of those?

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you mean this? it's not gonna be added, no.

that's an issue with obs yeah, apparently when focused it consumes all keyboard inputs before they reach other apps such as mini.

on mac you gotta use window capture, sorry i didn't update the description for mac yet.

mini was made in unity so it's understandable that streaming apps detect it as a game, yeah. isn't there a way to tell it to ignore certain games during auto detection? :0

the app has a few microphone bugs yeah. restarting it sometimes fixes that :]

hmm it's not something i plan to add to mini, it's probably going to the full version.