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FKR for ever !

A member registered Oct 27, 2020

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Thanks for your quick and clear answer.

 And yes ... I have a lot of fun with your game !

I encourage minimalist RPG fan to discover and enjoy your work.

Hello. Congratulations for this concise but elegant game. Can you please explain how a character or a non-character loses hit points : if I roll a success do I inflinct one damage ? THANKS !

This TTRPG is just "amazing". The idea and the theme are unique. The art is inspiring. The game mechanics are a mix between the best of the "OSR" and the best of the "FKR". The character sheet is one of the most original I have ever seen and it's an invitation to play. We have our winner for the OSR JUNE JAM, it's HELM !

The Ultralite Game Jam doesn't need submissions anymore, we have a winner: J.P. with his 4-Card RPG. This game is what Free Kriegsspiel Revolution means: minimalist but evocative !

Push SRD was a pearl, Kismet is a jewel.

 Your new RPG is minimalist, inventive but mostly elegant.

Am I wrong when I say that "KISMET" refers to the arabian word meaning "FATE" or "DESTINY" ?

A masterpiece of sobriety and efficiency. The best in the FKR category.

 Two pages of rules to play as if you were in the 70s with Dave Arneson and his friends.

 Thank you so much Matt Jackson, you're my hero ! 

I only added a "house rule" to your jewel for more roleplay: I keep 4 Hit Points but I name them ( Stunned/Wounded/Disabled/Dead )