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Okay sorry. I didn't notice that and maybe because my eye condition is playing up. I am pleased to support the campaign, I wish I could have done more but time are a little tough. But I am wishing you all the best of luck and I am looking forward to the final piece of work.

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Why was my forum account accepted and then deleted? Disappointing as I am a backer. 

Very sad to read this. I wish I could offer advice, but I don't really have any knowledge to help with this. I can only say I would certainly back you on Kickstarter and on Patroen. I would be very disappointed if this game did not see the light of day or the pitch of night. 

Happy birthday.

Tai and it would be nice to hear about this on my birthday (July 1st)

Managed to download the linux app and everything is fine.:)

Does anyone know how to unzip and play this game in linux? Thanks.

Thanks. Ohh, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is well worth playing.

So are we still looking at a release date of some time next month?

Connor's route.

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Congratulations on such a great experience. Going through the game a second time at the moment and I am still looking forward to it.

Looking forward to the whole experience.

It is very good and it made me cry a lot.