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Why was my forum account accepted and then deleted? Disappointing as I am a backer. 

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Hi there! Thank you for supporting the Kickstarter campaign!

I have actually already sent you an email regarding this issue last night. As stated in the Kickstarter update post containing the link to the backer-exclusive forums for signing up, the forums is only open to backers of tier 6 (Adept Mage, HK$157 / US$20) or above as part of their offered rewards during the Kickstarter campaign. If you believe that there's an error with the Kickstarter records about your pledged tier, please feel free to contact me at so I can look into the issue further.

I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused. Thank you for your support and your message!

Okay sorry. I didn't notice that and maybe because my eye condition is playing up. I am pleased to support the campaign, I wish I could have done more but time are a little tough. But I am wishing you all the best of luck and I am looking forward to the final piece of work.