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Hi a new little game  from me:

Hi @all let me introduce my game "Color Spin".

Have a think and match the pattern.

It's made with Phaser 3.


Play it on

Get the free app for android: 


Thanks for feedback!

Find the right values by adding numbers!

Any Feedback would be nice!

Hi I fixed the hint on off thing. Now it shows immediately the right rows and columns. I consider to make a tutorial.

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Hi I added a "hint button" for indication of right columns and rows.

Here another puzzle game. Place the pieces in the right order!

Here to  play:

Here a minigame in which you have to color the fields in the right order like the numbers show. 
Have a think!

Play it here.

Here a minigame where you can train your brain.

Color the fields in the right order!

Hi a minigame made with phaser 3.
Shoot at the diamonds

Hi I just finished this game. You must shoot at the virus but don't hit the cells.

Give it a try!

I made this simple game for fun, I'm surely not the first one who did this but anyway, programing is fun!

Train your brain:

Hello, thanks for the comment, all games are build by myself, Sia Sola is developed by Oliver Schaudt, I have the permission from him to publish this game. I thought 80 level are enough.

Hi here is the puzzle game Sia Sola which exists as a board game here the HTML version.

Also there is an app:

Hope you have fun with it.

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Order the pieces earn points and play against the clock!

Climb in the highscore!

Play here

Hello everyone,

here a puzzlegame you may like if you like chess or go or something similar.

Use your brain to solve a lot of different levels!

Jump with the gaming pieces over other and the piece  inbetween disappears.

The white piece is very powerfull it can jump diagonally as well!

If one piece  is left you won!

If cookies are enabled you can continue solving levels everytime you want!


ave fun!!