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I can't believe this. For you Just released a great game and RIP later. I wish you find a place in heaven.

Where is it?

What happened to the Commodore 64 artworks?

Absolutely Stunning both in Graphics and Game Play. The bosses are awesome too. Even in today's standard this is a top title on my list of best C64 games. 

Congratulations! You totally deserve it!

Please put Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, Mummy, etc etc the Famous Characters in there! If possible all Halloween Movie Characters: Chuckie, Jason, Texas guy with the Chainsaw, etc. etc. Am I asking for too much now lol

I am using Vice emulator. Pressed 1 and reached high score screen. Then no matter what I pressed number or space bar, nothing happens, cannot get the game to run. Checked settings Enabled Keyset Joystick.

Hint: Must look within the d.64 file to load each platform individually.

Congratulations! You totally deserved it! Looking for more Mater Piece from you!

The Replaced MSX 2 Version does not load with my Emulator. A loading screen would come up then says Bad DDD file!


Any Update? I loved it! Last Ninjas meet their Sisters!

Any Chance for a Download Yet?

Well Would You Please release This Abomination to The Public for Destruction?

Any Plan for Public Download?

Working with Denise but None of my Vice 2.4 and the newest 3.7

Download Please?

We want download! We want download!

2 Years After... Please Release It to The Public!

Even Though I Can Actually Find Them on The Usual Place, I Still Would Appreciate If An Original Public Release Could Be Made Available by the Author. 

Could it be released now?

Where is the game please?

Where is V1.1?

Download Please?

By the way the Frog's AI is not strong enough to smartly avoid the traffic.

Have you considered releasing the nice work to the public?

Consider about time to release it to the public?

Any possibility for Public Release?

Are you planning to release these nice PETSCII programs to the general public yet?

Is there I and II? I only saw III and IV.

Do I get automatic update if I purchased older version?

Is this going to be released to general public any time soon?

have you thought about releasing it to the general public yet?

Is the collection eventually would be released?


the competition is completed would you consider make it available?

Is the C64 version still coming at all?

Is Behemoth still WIP?

Really nice game. What tools did you use to make it?