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Will consider, but I don't own the models, I'm just licensing them. I could probably scrounge up a linux release, but again, it won't have the screensaver mode, just what amounts to a fancy video player.

Okay, so I looked in to it a bit more, and I think that is fairly likely to happen when I'm ready to try doing mobile builds. That hasn't happened yet, so... Maybe in a month or so? Will do what I can...

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Will consider it, but as I don't own a mac... I'll look in to it, I think I can have Unity do a build and I could release something without testing it which should work...

A screensaver is pretty unlikely, but I can at least release the simulation piece. Doing a screensaver in Mac is very different then doing on in Windows.

2. Let's say that I have a autonaut looking for an axe, and I stick a few axes on the ground to let it continue. Then I start an automatic generation system, and I decide I don't want a huge stack of them to appear, rather I want to have the goods tucked away in a storage container. I would hope that my autonaut would look for the object in the storage container, but it seems clear that they don't.

3. Sometimes an autonaut gets stuck on a particular command for some reason. If I could switch it's execution pointer, or just skip the command it is working on at the moment, it would sometimes help me out of a pickle.

My biggest annoyances:
1. Setting a group of commands to repeat- Would be awesome if a drag interface could be done to set a group of commands to repeat.

2. Finding the nearest object should include looking in storage containers.

3. The ability to manually skip a command would be great.

Overall though, it looks nice, and shows a lot of promise!