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You can use it to your game, paid or free. Just credit me or my asset pack if you use it. In case you got so much success from your game, maybe you can just donate so I could create more assets. But I'm not forcing you or anyone, so feel free to use it. Thank you.

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Yes. No restriction. Just don't redistribute or repack and resold.

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Hi guys, I'm new here and still learning on how to use the site..  I just upload my new 2d asset pack today.

Update: I make the pack free to download and use without any restriction. Just to make it appear at the store and easy to search.

I will update it with more content and a paid psd files just to have some revenue.

(But it was a paid pack and not free. Any tips from you guys to generate a sales? Should I make it free and wait for donations? I'm currently working as a freelance artist and my financial status is not good.  Any suggestions from top asset sellers would be very helpful. - sorry to ask it in here, I forgot the Questions and Feedback thread)

I'm working on more assets and I will start with a new pixel art asset pack soon.
Here's a few of my work sample for a studio (the character is owned by them) Using Aseprite.