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Hello everyone! This is my first bigger project and after spending quite a lot of time on it I would like to ask you for your feedback. Does this place look subjectively good? Is it a convincing landscape? Is it believable? 

Thank you all in advance!

As a sequel to PolyCube, PolyCube 2 has been released. This project is in development and will receive future content updates.  The aim of the game is to progress to the other side of the level without hitting any of the green pillars scattered throughout each level.

As of now, I am afraid not. This is my first ever project and my knowledge of multi platform builds is limited

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PolyCube was made as an indie developer student project. On release it was still in development and was finished not long ago. To this day, I wasn't aware of the "release announcements" feature. As such, I am making this post.

The aim of the game is to get from the starting position to the others side while dodging obstacles (green objects) which render the player unable to move when collided with, at which point "R" should be pressed to restart the level. As you progress through the game, the levels will become increasingly harder.

Great art, gameplay and estethics. Nice little game

As both a musician and a gamer I loved it!