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Sorry, I meant when it generates new wreaths. If you start adding options, the lag builds up, which made me unsure if it was frozen or just processing initially.


But I think there should be some indicator when it's loading something because right now there isn't any feedback.

Yeah, this is definitely a promising game. For the stamina issue, perhaps there is a way to add features that make doing things cost less stamina over time? For example, the ability to upgrade the ax or having a fitness or strength stat that the player can develop.

Is there any way to take damage?

This was a pretty neat idea. Some epic pirate music would be an awesome addition. It's also a little too easy with a bit of grinding, and some more strategic sea warfare elements could be added, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. 

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There is a bug where I can continue playing the game as a zombie (except I can't do damage and neither can mobs) and even go through floors. This was pretty challenging though and fun too (but those dragons are OP). The interface is quite pleasing.

It gets very monotonous in the Dragon's stomach. I'm beginning to question my sanity.

Yeah, I think a scoring system would be a good idea. I feel like the player isn't incentivized to collect rare books if it is maddening or dull. A book hunter would probably not care as much as long as it is worthy for his/her collection.

My unreasonable suggestion: game modes.

  • time attack
    • complete as many levels in seconds, 
    • or complete levels as fast as possible, 
    • or you have x seconds to make a move before the computer moves for you
  • limited undos
    • player is awarded with undos for
      • making combos
      • food count exceeds some threshold (maybe start off with less than max food and increase max food threshold)
      • etc.

The game is pretty fun, and I like the use of geometry. It makes the tile-based gameplay more interesting.

Btw, I can't install the post-7DRL version using the itch client on mac.

Anyways, looking forward to the version on Android!

Since the backgrounds are a single color, it shouldn't be too hard to just remove them with photoshop or gimp.

It's pretty fun, but a bit too easy. I think it has potential, especially if you add multiplayer.