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Hi! Were you able to figure it out? The Windows version has a Hypnos.exe file once you unzip it, and the Mac version is just the file. Hope you enjoy it!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I love the gameplay video you put together. Thanks so much for playing!

One of my absolute favorites so far. Excellent tribute to an incredible game, yet stands on its own as a super fun (and very hard) game. Thank you!

Really hard with a mouse, but I like the concept!

That control scheme is brutal. Really cool concept!

This is too amazing for words.

I was totally just like, man I wish it actually rotated, and then it did, and I freaked out. SO AWESOME.

I got a point! So unbelievably hard.

Love the music and grunting. The invincibility is fun as well. Thanks!

The ragdoll physics going on here is crazy! I have no idea if the other levels exist, because I cannot finish the first one. Great job!

This is really cool. The massive amounts of car unlocks is amazing. Great work!

Wow, that's intense. Love the duck hunt dog.

Very pretty. I like the basketball-like feel of the player, and the lose dive is fun.

Cool idea!

Very original. It took me a while to get used to the controls, but I think they work. Would love some time/point indicator during gameplay. Great work!

That's super hard. Well done. Some audio would be a great addition!

Simple and original concept! I think it would help if the dots disappear when you hit them. I freaked out a few times, because I didn't know if I had switched colors or not. Great job!

Hilarious! Very creative.

Beautiful game! The collision boxes are super unfair, but that's what this is all about, right? My wife played this for almost a half hour straight. Her best was 10ish? Mine was 2. Excellent job!

I would love to see some randomization, but I can't get enough gravity flipping. The speed increase was a good call to add some stamina challenge. Great work!

I WAS shocked by the immersive gameplay, and I really did feel for the lonely pipe. I want to believe the pipe had a destination, somehow...

Each start is super hard, but once you get past that, it's very fun. It feels very smooth, and the color mechanic is nice. It adds more tension to an already tense game. I also really enjoyed the random messages after each run. Great art and music as well!

Fun artwork and animations. It's probably a bit too easy with keyboard, but I'm sure it's more balanced with the Leap controller. I enjoyed the bird-killing mechanic. Great work!

Oh, have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard.

Looks so awesome, but needs a matching lo-fi soundtrack (or at least sfx). Love the Valentine's Day theme! It makes me feel better when I die over and over. :)

Nice art, but it needs some sound effects! Grab sfxr/cfxr for some great, quick ones. Good work!

Cool character animation and art style. Would love more feedback on points and losing. Great music as well!

The art is beautiful, and the sound/music feels great. The arrow movement is really cool, and does feel very appropriate for controlling a bird. I love the ghost of your best time as well. Great work!

Adorable sounds and great homage art.

The control scheme definitely needs some warning. It took me five tries to figure out that you had to hold space bar to move downward. It's very easy for too long - I'd recommend adding the other types of ghosts much earlier. Cool music!

I like the moving pipes and the rainbow trail, and the difficulty switch + stats are a nice addition. I think it could use even more insanity, with absolutely everything synced to the music. Why does that song never get old? There must be something wrong with me.

I almost broke out my graphing paper. The movement feels rough, but purposefully so. There were a few times that I got stuck in walls, though. I would love to see some loot or leveling, but as it is, this is a very ambitious jam game, and I enjoyed it. Cool music, too!

Wow, I love the artwork, and the controls are super tight. It's very much like Bit.Trip Runner, which I also suck at. :) Are you able to get more than one point? I fought super hard for my one point and I don't think I can do better than that.

Nice background movements. The bird feels very heavy, which makes it very frantic to keep him in the air, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Would love some stronger feedback for each point earned and pipe collisions. Screen shake fixes everything.

Really enjoyed this game! The controls feel tight and the hover is a cool addition. I could only get 9, but losing doesn't feel unfair. It might be easier for me on gamepad buttons. That's my lame excuse. Cool music, too!

I really like the random opening mechanic, and the music is very cool. It feels just a little bit slow to me, and I'd love some scoring feedback. Also, you should probably add lose conditions when hitting the top/bottom of the screen. And the pig needs beautiful, magical wings! Maybe? Great job!

Feels great for two hours! Sound effects would go a long way. Grab sfxr/cfxr for some quick and easy ones.

I like the added incentive to try for the lamps, and you've got a good variety of opening types to go through. Charge mode is so much harder for me, but I like that you put in two modes. Great job!

I love the Castlevania-y blocks. So much button mashing! :)

Really well done!