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Cadê a versão pra PC? =(

Cant wait to see what this game can become!! :D

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Great game just need more polish :D

Good one!

Come on Jack!!

heres one :D

A Roguelike \o\

Very peacefull game. Easy simple and fun!

I liked to click in everything to see what happens =P

I only make one monster xD

I think there is potential to be something else :DGood Job

A lovely Atmosphere :D

I like the old CRT frame! :D

wow, very nice game :D congrats

very charming game!!!

very charming game!!!

really fun and unique game! I liked it :D

really fun and unique game! I liked it :D


Loved it!

Really fun and unique!

Very good one!

Hello, we would like to ask you to rate our game and if possible comment, so we can rate yours too, as it's been some time since we sent, I thought it would be better to create this post to give visibility to our game. I thank the attention. :D

Hi! I liked the music and the theme, but I came across some bugs like the cat flying when we held the "w", which for me was even fun, I thought "well, there's an alien next to it, it must be telekinesis", the music was interesting, but the graphics were out of unity. anyway, good job, i had fun playing :D

I liked the game, but I didn't quite understand how it fits into the theme, maybe I haven't played it enough. The beginning was very interesting, I was curious to know what was going on, I thought it would be more for the suspense and I was surprised by a platform shooter. The mechanics were very good and I didn't have many problems, there is certainly room for improvement, but everyone is to be congratulated.