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Much appreciated! Close on the demo done and will release sometime within January!

That's really cool! Hopefully have it out within the year.

Hookabiliy factor 10!

Cool stuff! Reminds a little of runes. Or art greco.

Pure bliss! What engine did you use if I may ask?

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I thought I had windowed option but you are right. I will add it, thanks!

Nicely done!

Neat little game! Good job!

Thanks! First project, want to improve for sure :D

Thanks for the feedback! I tried making the passport puzzles a bit clearer hopefully. Give it a shot again if you like:-)

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Fun game! Reminds me of those old coin toss machines. 

Had some fun, good job!

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Thanks! Try running into the pawnshop, they stop searching for you in there 

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Thank you! I’ll work on making it clearer. I played one too many bad adventure games in the 90s lol

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Did you get your watch back? Try talking to Morris again. He can tell you about how to speed up the police clerk on fixing your passport:)

Thanks for playing and the feedback! Was it the rare object you had trouble getting?

A small game demo about being a broke, out-of-luck vagabond turning to pick-pocketing in 1930's Europe. Emphasize on puzzles, exploration and some action elements. First project so a bit rough around the edges but quite proud of it! My gamepage
All criticism is very welcome!

The animations are just pure bliss. Well done, my friend!

Both an interesting and well crafted game, framed in a super moody atmosphere. From another fellow first time dev: Really impressive as first projects go!

Thanks for the kind words and feedback! Adding a timer on the quit-button is now on the to-do list

Felt challenging but not frustrating, nicely balanced! Moody music albeit a bit repetitive.  Not sure if I finnished the game or I if i missed someting? Liked how the frog got redder when gaining jumping-strength! Over-all good!