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if you mark a tile before revealing it, the mark that had been on it does not return to the count of unmarked.

I like it, but once it got to juice, for some reason well over half my jump inputs just got ignored, which made the rest completely unplayable


you skipped from 437b to 438c. where are 438a and b?

I have downloaded several games via the website, however the only option when viewing the games' page in is to install the game, even if i already have it. how can i tell the app that i already have the game?



thank you


yeah i tried to prevent that to the best of my ability but there's only so much i can do. honestly this is more of a proof of concept anyway

i mean that's fair but not something that is likely to change for the next year at least

i want to play but am on mac :(


thank you!


thanks for the feedback


thanks. i noticed that bug last night but I didn't know what caused it and i haven't had a chance to figure it out today either. the weight indicator was something we ran out of time on but we did plan to include it



I'm on mac, using the air version. none of the save/load .ceol or import from .mid buttons do anything. the export button prompts me for a file type, then depending on which export option I choose, a different variety of nothing will happen. if I select .wav, it plays through the song, then it ends, and the play button does nothing. if I instead select .mid, it just stops until I hit play again

if you can't implement something relating to power, that's ok. to quote the jam page: "Remember, theme is purely inspirational and not required

update: i think i literally just forgot to tell itch a few input fields above that it was browser game

Unity WebGL has an issue that makes index.html files completely unplayable under certain circumstances, with the error "both async and sync fetching of the wasm failed". fixes for hosting it on your own server are detailed in this unity forum thread

the issue with itch, however, is that when I zip the build folder, the option to make the file playable in browser is completely absent. I think the issues might share a cause, but I thought I might as well at least ask here.

Thank you!

Thank you!

minor bug: the UI moves with you, rather than with the screen

I literally just get an error that says "the application can't be opened" or something like that. no other info

sounds cool! I should be able to check it out.

thank you!

thank you!

thank you!

i did plan to add a green portal that reflects the orbs. I am also probably going to add music and sounds in the next update.

i think it would work well in that format as well, and yes, i do plan to add more levels, most likely next weekend

i like it! great way to use 1 button. i like the fact that more powerful units are harder to hit

tried downloading on mac. says it cant be opened

speed strat for cop and thief, which is probably a bug: you can press button midair to start charging jump earlier. also works for cat on the rain levels

switches are not at all random, it’s consistently every 3 seconds

with the resolution, its sometimes hard to tell which way the arrows are pointing. what i'd do is have a bigger display somewhere that doesn't constantly change position. Also, while the circles that change your controls are an interesting mechanic, they just make the level significantly more annoying to play because there is no reason to go fast at all. Lastly, when teleporting and when you die, can there be some way to prevent me from just immediately drifting off into whatever direction the key i was pressing happens to correspond to now?