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Evening/Mornin'/Afternoon <3!

I am an earnest Midwesterner with lofty goals of building worlds and games in Unity. I have a Bachelor of Arts from MSU with a focus on Game Design and Development. I'm very efficient - albeit not extremely productive -  with a depth of knowledge for art and programming environments; I've had 3-5 years of study and practice.

Going through college, a technical-vocational boot camp, and fostering skills in the meantime...I feel that now is the time to do game development. I am keen on finding like-minded people to work with who have congruent interests in Unity; not to mention all of the shiny, new systems/packages flowing through the engine.

I try to intake as much as humanly possible for both art/programming disciplines to further this as a career - it gets boring or overwhelming working for/by yourself. 

At the moment, I have a github of (unfinished) private repositories but there is some stuff there and an outward facing portfolio that I would be happy to share/discuss with you. My portfolio is pretty unseemly at the moment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but with that being said it just a gallery that presents both halves of my type of work. I ask that you view the portfolio as a way to see the bigger picture of what I would like to do.  

tldr...message me or comment if interested in doing Unity work - seriously! 

// Currently, I'm working on wrapping my head around what can be done with addressables in Unity and I'd like to move into working with something long-term / non-commercial. Would definitely be interested in doing just short-term work for any fun idea(s) we can come up with as well. Anyways, thanks for reading! Looking forward to seeing or hearing any response!



Fun!! Cool idea!

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I was planning on making a 2D game or tool to coincide with the Unity 2D Challenge and I wanted to try my hand at extending the functionality of the Isometric or Hexagonal tilemap from within Unity. Originally, I planned on just having hex tiles move in orthogonal fashion down the screen and wrapping my head around what it would take to transform or render different tiles in interesting ways on the grid. If anyone is interested I'd be more than happy to have you join into the fold here in the digital Midwest. We have an interesting bunch out here! I myself have been doing 3D stuff for a while but I am just a novice programmer at best!



and good luck!

Awesome game

Awesome concept!!!!

This is fucking incredible