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Olivier Girardot

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Hi again,

Thanks a lot for your feedback, it is very useful to me to improve my sound packs.

You can write to me at so I can send you a coupon code privately to get some free sounds in my SFW shop https//

 Hello @spekdrum,

Thank you for your input. I will see what I can do improve that. If you want to help me further improve this pack here are a couple of questions for you:

1- If i took away all the pre-made scenes and atmospheres, and just kept the raw sounds. How much would be a fair price to sell this pack (full price, not discounted)

2- What kind of raw sounds are missing ?

Thanks. I would be more than happy to offer you a free pack or something equivalent from my SFX shop:

Check out these punch sounds, they are everything you need to illustrate your fight games or to include some fist fighting sounds for your characters, before they find a proper weapon !

Pack location:

Here is a PREVIEW of the punch sounds.

This selection includes several styles of punch sounds going from ultra exaggerate “Indiana Jones” like punches, to more realistic, organic and bloody “Fight Club” like sounds.
These punch sounds were made from scratch by myself, using a variety of objects and food items that I have recorded, put together, tweaked and mastered.

See how I created my punch sounds in This Video!

Thank you very much ! I'm happy you like them :)

Aha ! Intriguing ! Makes me want to play right now, unfortunately I have to hand over something tomorrow and I am really behind lol !

I think level 5 or 6 but I had to stop because of work. I know I can get a few levels further. I'll play again soon :)

Very Cool !

Hi mig2003

Thank you for this very thorough comment, we appreciate it :)

Yes, as you may have seen, many other players have experienced the same trouble with movements. We will be working on fixing that ASAP.

We will also have a look at the other issues that you mentioned. We are happy you like the game otherwise and we thank you for your compliments and for your support.

We will try to update the game soon !

Thank you CKTO !

Ah, maybe we should make sure the player has to fight the boss in order to finish the game... We will look into that.

We are glad you enjoyed the game :) Thank you for  your support !

Thank you, we appreciate your support !

Yes, the movements seem to come back a the main issue for the players. We will be working in that, and on improving the game in general.

Thanks !

Thank you ! We will be working on it !

Hi Specturnal,

Thank you for trying out the game and we are happy you liked it ! Yes the movements seem to be a problem for a lot of people. We will be working on it.

Thanks for your support !

Thanks for your comment and for taking the time to play the game.

Yes, we will be working on improving the movement system, and improving the game in general.

We will think about your suggestions. Thank you for your support !

Thank you for taking the time to try it :)

Hi Mika,

And thank you for trying out our game !

To use the key you have to go into your inventory (esc) and select the key. The next time you go to the locked door, press space bar to unlock the door. Sometimes you have to do that a couple of times to open the door. Maybe there is a bug that needs to be fixed there. But in any case, I managed to finish the game several times, just don't forget to select your keys in your inventory.

There are some SFX and music, but maybe the volume is a bit too low. I am the composer and sound designer for this game by the way.


My name is Olivier Girardot, I am a music composer and a sound designer located in Berlin Germany.

I just released a massive Guns and Explosions Sound Effects Pack which includes over 520 tracks and 530 MB of sounds.

Guns and Explosions is a selections of fire arms, large artillery weapons, impact sounds, explosions of all kinds and yet more forms of sonic destruction. From a simple gun shot to multiple heavy weapon shots and bullet impacts, to totally apocalyptic scenes of bombardment and ravage. This sound bank also flirts with science fiction weaponry and robot explosions. With this album you will have a wide range of weapon and explosion sounds for your films or AAA or indie video games!

A FREE DEMO is also available. Check it out :