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Pretty interesting. I like the fade in effect.

This game is interesting! Love the random encounter mechanic, simple and effective. The general BGM is nice too, very soothing. For boxy, with love!

Interesting mechanic! Pretty challenging. I think the rate of fire from the enemies is a little too high, so even when the enemies are dead, they still left tons of bullet to reflect and dodge.

I really like the ludicrous speed of this! The control is smooth, and the 90 degree turn in the first course looks and feels great. High five from fellow Godot dev!

Interesting game idea! A way to indicate which letter we're typing would be nice. I like the BGM. I can't take order the customers anymore when the timer goes too fast.

Nice AI for jumping! Did you set the path for the enemies (I meant the heroes), or they know when to jump? I'm a little confused. I get point for killings heroes, but I proceed to the next stage if I let them reach the door... So what is the goal of the game?

Cute game! I started out thinking that this is a RPG, but it turns out to be a VN! All of the encounters are pretty ridiculous, and man, the God Cat... "It feeds you"... Maybe more dialogue options when recruiting cats would be nicer!

For everyone: If you're stuck at some stage, maybe try restarting it? It might work!

Pretty cool mechanic! I think the camera is too zoomed in, so it's difficult to see where can I go. (Maybe an arrow and multiple checkpoints would be nice). When shooting multiple bullets at the same time, the acceleration sometimes is too much.

Nice game! We almost have the same idea for this jam! I almost added the mechanic to go back level once you're dead to, and I think that mechanic is pretty neat (especially in the falling down stage, creating a nice flow).