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Onward! To Adventure!

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Can you defeat the challenging Tornado?

All aboard the fun and addicting Tornado! Enjoy a rail-shooter style arcade game where you play as the courageous paper airplane. Tossed by a young child with a wild imagination, the paper airplane soars towards adventure! Discover new worlds, from beautiful canyons to a mysterious underwater realm. Gather power-ups hidden across each level, each one enhancing your abilities to prepare you for the ultimate fight against the Tornado. Can you survive through each of the Tornado’s trials? Or will you fall and get back up again!


Thank you for playing our game! Great video! Loved the commentary.

Hello Psychroclasm, thank you for playing our game! Your video was great, and I wanted to tell you YOU WERE SO CLOSE to getting the good ending!


I want to apologize for the extended stress you endured and would like to give you some clarity as to the glitches you felt you experienced.


Eayan killing you in the house: He will only kill you in the house if you open the front door, because you may have been interacting with everything in the house you may not have realized you opened the front door.

Not being able to run: The first level gives you unlimited light and stamina, the second level does not. What you experienced was your character running out of stamina due to the constant running. It is not indicated in the game but that is what you experienced.

Not being able to pick up items: Some items in the game can only be picked up depending on the angle you look at them. Some items will also break if you run near them. Running affects your environment and in turn will affect the items around you. ALSO, you can only be carrying one item at a time. So, if you felt like you can’t pick up an item when you should, it is most likely because you are already carrying one item.

Eayan not running away when you flash the light at him: This is the one bug we did experience in the game and can be fixed if you turn your light off and then back on. He should then be scared after that.


The secret ending DOES NOT require the game to be completed perfectly in one try. However, it does require that every level is properly completed. You will know you properly beaten a level when Sophia gives her alternate dialogue to the player.


Our hint to you is that you beat the first level and the mini game. The second level required a different action than what you took.


We want to thank you again for playing our game and are very sorry that it stressed you out as much as it did. This game was made to be exceptionally difficult to figure out, but you did an amazing job! If we do decide to finish this game, we would love to stay in communication with you and possibly get a fun challenge of your choosing into the game. 😊 Let us know!


Thank you again,

  • -The True Nightmare Team
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 Cutie                Fluffy           Sammie        Stumpy



   Doggo              Catty             Birdo        Mr. BunBun

And a character you might remember...

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ALONE - A Cerebral Horror Game

Do you remember me?

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Alone is a first-person, mystery, horror game. Your goal is to remember WHO YOU ARE. You're inside an abandoned house haunted by a demon who preys on people’s darkest secrets. Your only ally is a mysterious floating rabbit who seems to remember you. Using only a flashlight you must keep the demon at bay while you search for clues about your past. But be on your guard. The secrets you keep mean the demon is always close at hand. Can you survive long enough to discover the real you?

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Thank you very much for your encouraging comment! We worked very hard to make the demo what it is. We loved your video!

Hello levont,
This demo was made back in 2016, the reason for the recent upload to is because our team has been debating on whether to bring it back into production. We are hoping that if it gains enough traction on Itch, it would be worth it for us to continue in development, most likely we will implement the full version to PC with a VR option if enough people want it.

Thank you very much for playing our game!