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Sorry for the late reply, but I don't have a problem with sex with balls, I only have a problem with it when a futa has balls, as I said it is an obstruction of the pussy, and if a futa doesn't have a pussy then I can't call them a futa, so I don't have a problem with balls, as on a male the balls don't get in the way of sex, either when they get screwed in the ass or are the one doing the screwing, it just becomes a problem when the ball sack obscures the hole the dick goes into.

Also, when you say;

"And what your telling me here is my balls need to be lopped off and a pussy attached because i don't fit your idea of what you see as a proper futanari or all of my efforts to change what I am should be threw away because unless im willing to mutalate my genitalia I'm not good enough."

I am not saying that at all, as when it comes down to it, I don't like a female to have a dick, and here is the thing I define a female as someone that doesn't have a dick, a male is defined as someone having a dick, but of course, if you don't have a dick nor a pussy then your nonbinary, so with that, I only recognize those three genders (male, female, nonbinary). But I do respect people's pronouns, until it comes down to a male that has become a female, as on the base level, a male produces a decent amount of testosterone, that makes a man more robust than a woman, so when I hear that men that became women are competing in female sports competitions, I can't help but want to kill them, of course, I would never do such a hanis crime as to kill someone, but it shows that I just hate it when a male goes and becomes a female, and note I my self am a natural born male.

Plus I only say that a futa shouldn't have balls from the standpoint of games, art, fictional shit. As in real life, a futa would need a ball sack to produce sperm to impregnate those who have wombs. Also, in real life, I say there is no such thing as a futa in the real world as one of their genitals most likely is fake.

Also, don't try playing off what I said about futas in my other comment, as when I talk about futas I am talking about the world of fiction, most of the time.

Great game, I am loving the story. It has good sexual moments, but it also has some good story elements.

Also, a feature like a Combat System you are planing to add in could make the game more fun, though the game is currently fun, just reading the story gets me excited. However, that fishing thing, for some reason, it seems way to easy, though I haven't finished the game, and I have already caught about 100 fish, most being the salmon (taking me less than an hour to do this), I would have expected it to be more difficult to catch the fish, but nope. So I would suggest making it more difficult and/or making it so that the player can make it more difficult, it just a thought though.

I can't wait to finish playing the game, but one must sleep and do other stuff, so I must wait till the following day and possible a few other days to finish playing the game.

Ohh, also when I started playing, I didn't know that there was going to be some good girl on girl action in the game, though it's not much of a bad thing as I love playing games that have any sort of content of girl having sex with another girl. Though the type of game I love the most are games where there is pure girl on girl love, not just for a sexual thing, but also a romantic thing. I don't know why I just type this random shit, that isn't really related to the game, out in comments on games.

Nonetheless, good game and keep up the good work Aph.

Listen, when it comes down to it, don't you think a futa looks better without a ball sack, as for one, futanari means a character who has an overall feminine body, but has both female and male primary genitalia, witch could include a ball sack, but mostly in reference to breasts, a penis, and a vagina. So, where the ball sack sits would overlap where the ball sack is, therefore, I say logically futas shouldn't have a ball sack. Also, a futa with a ball sack would have a harder time getting fucked in the pussy, as the damned ball sack would get in the way. Also, when you say a futa with out a pussy, you do know that if the futa doesn't have a pussy then it is not a futa. As a futa is born with the genitalia of both male and female, minus the ball sack. So I make my point, don't say that futas should have ball sacks, as they are useless to a futa, since they are not male or female, they are both, unlike a transgender person, as in real life you are either male or female, meaning if you have a penis and ball sack, then your male, no ifs ands or buts. But if you have a pussy and no ball sack and no penis then your female. People need to under stand that you might choose what you wanna be, but unless you actually change all your genitalia to the opposite sex then you haven't changed from your old sex. 

Sorry for my ramblings, I just can't help but comment on posts like this one to tell the poster about my feelings on the topic, especially since it is about futas, I love futanari type content and a lot of it is like this game, no fucking balls, just the way it should be with futas.

The story, it's so good, I want to know more about these two. I want to know what happens next, I want to know if Ember breaks up with May after high school. It's so tantalizing, I feel so squiggly inside, it makes my heart flutter for more.

Even though I love this so much, I've read better, but the aspect of this is top-notch, but lacking for my taste. I love stuff like this, but I want to see more heart break, I want to see the characters get emotional hurt.

This was one of the best stories that I have read, explicitly it because it is a type of story that I love, about two girls that fall in love. I really love that stuff, all though I did get pissed of several times because there wasn't enough details about what happened with some interactions, like the one with Constance, when she was sick and threw the bowl of portage, it drove me insane not knowing what happened afterwards. Then there was the time that Constance took me by surprise by doing you know what with Lorina to see if she'd recoil, but she didn't (at least from what it seemed Lorina didn't recoil), but you didn't give more details of what happened in the room immediately after it happened, out off all the other interactions that didn't have a decisive end, this one pissed me off the most because I really want to know what happened between Constance and Lorina then, after all it seemed to have shocked Lorina quite a bit. Also, I really would love there to be another game that continues this story, after all this story has given me major inspiration to make a story based off of this, although if I did make a story based off this I probably would go overkill like usual and make it outrageously long, I probably would double and possibly triple the amount of words in this. After all, I love details and I am not scared to do an overkill job on useless details that you would never actually care about, after all if you read one of my prices of works you probably understand that I am quite overkill, like this review/comment is overkill. I just love this story. Also, I found this story on the Xbox One, I bought it there, but I am thinking about buying it again to have it on my computer. I really feel like this story could do very well as an animated story, just add a lot more details and you could make an entire animated series on this, I really feel that the story would come across much better with it being animated with a lot more details. Or just a lot more details, either way it would be good.

Also, sorry that this was quite long for a comment. I really wanted to give some good feedback on this game, after all I am truly in fatuated with things like Yuri/GL/BL/Lesbian/Gay basically content about the same sex being in love with each other, in fact that is what drove me to get this game, after I read that it was a lesbian love story I bought it without thinking about it and my decision was a very good one, as I loved it so much.

Sorry for the late response.

Well, I don't know, for me the screen doesn't go black, but I am redesigning the whole game's design, so when that update goes out it might fix your problem, but I can say that it is not the game's fault, but I can't be for sure, so tell me every thing leading up to the screen going black.

I really have to say that this story was very good, I absolutely loved it. Also, this story toyed with my heart, but I could say that any game/story I play/read that is like this would toy with my heart.

For some reason I can't play the game, every time I click on the application file and try to open the game it does absolutely nothing, I would really love to play the game, but I don't know how to fix this problem. I could probably say that it isn't the game's fault, but I don't really know since this has never happened to me before when I have downloaded other games on, so I don't really know what is causing this to happen. I should mention that I am using window's 10.

The story was quite good, also it was quite sad, but still I wanted it to keep going. Plus, this story almost made me cry at the end because of what you had implied about Riko. Just knowing that happened makes me sad, either way I love the story and the primus of the story that it had left me wanting more of it.

This was one of the best games that I have ever played. The story was very interesting, also this game gave me an idea for a game.

The game idea that this game gave me somehow was an idea for a horror game, but unfortunately I can't really make the game that I have the idea for. After all, I might get a good idea, but when it comes down to me making the storyline for the game, it sucks, but I can easily make a basic summary of what the game would be like.

The basic summary of the game I have an idea for:

Start Prologue: The game starts off in a room, where the protagonist is crying, you can barely see her, but you can see that she is covered in blood. In the background you can hear police sirens and the red and blue flashing lights can be seen getting closer to the house through the windows. Then a few seconds after the police sirens cut off you can hear knocking at the front door and a man yells, "This is the police, we need to talk to whomever is inside!"

Then you see a light peering in through a window and you hear a different male's voice say, "Hay, Sergeant!! There looks to be blood inside and someone on the ground! What should we do!?"

Then you barely hear a female voice say, "Make entry into the building, with caution, as we don't know what could lurk out."

Then you hear someone kick the door open, then a rush of light floods in through the door and several police officers cautiously rush in. Then in the matter of moments the protagonist is arrested on the account of manslaughter. End Prologue

Start Chapter 1: A month goes by and then her trial begins, by the end of the trial the judge and jury finds the protagonist not guilty on the accounts of self-defense. So then she was released from police custody. End Chapter 1

Start Chapter 2: It is the protagonist's first day of high school (she is in the 9th grade), but it has been about 2 months since school had started. However, due to the arrest thing she missed the first day of school. As school went on, the protagonist's classmates avoided her, but one day something happened that caused a girl named Melony to start to hang around with the protagonist. Stuff happens and Melony gets kidnaped by someone. End Chapter 2

Start Chapter 3: The protagonist searches for Melony, she eventually finds Melony. However, Melony is injured with cut marks all over her body, but still alive. Looking into Melony's eyes the protagonist can tell that Melony wants to die. After finding her the protagonist unties Melony and the protagonist puts Melony into an embrace of relief. End Chapter 3

Start Chapter 4: With Melony, the protagonist leaves the building and takes Melony back to her place. At the protagonist's house, she lays down Melony on the bed and then she goes and gets a first aid kit. Then she goes and patches up all the wounds on Melony. Then a few more things happen. End chapter 4

The basic summary of the game I have an idea for, End

I wanted at least 12 chapters, but I couldn't think of anything to put in the other 8 chapters. However, the prologue should take at least 20-30 minutes to get through. Plus, each chapter should take at least 30 minutes to 2 hours to get through. So, the gameplay of the prologue and the 4 chapters should take at least 2 hours 20 minutes to 8 hours 30 minutes to play through.

I don't know why I told you about this idea of mine.

_life sentence community · Created a new topic Continue???

I would really love to know how the story could continue after you escape the facility. I could say that it could continue and that you should continue it. After all, I love the story of this game, so could you please continue the game.

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Well, the game is about you being a person named Miya Armeon that has gone out on adventures that you get to play through and there will be 15 different adventures, each addventure being one season and each season will have 12 chapters.

Well, just read the description of the game, then you should know the basics of what the game is about.

Also, since you want to help tell me what the name of your account is, if you don't have one then make one, since it is free to sign up, then tell me what you account's name is and then I will invite you to the repl.

Also, do you know how to code, since you need to know at least the basics to help. You, just need to know how to code with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. But I will still let you help if you don't know how to code since I can barely code with out help.

Hey there I am wanting to know if anyone would like to help me make the storyline of this game. I will, only allow for a maximum of 3 others to help me. It is just a simple yes or no question.

The missionary loop doesn't do anything, there is no movements that happen when I click on the loop button when doing missionary. Other than that the game is quite good. Also, I would like to request that you make a complete story with these characters (if you haven't already). After all, the storyline is good, but it just seems like there is something missing that I can't put my finger on. So I believe you could make a complete story about this. Like from the moment you meet the girl all the way up to the moment you and the girl part ways.

The screen is quite small is there a way for you to make the game's screen a little bit bigger. Other than that the game is good, but this game is also not a visual novel. Since a visual novel is a game where there is a storyline. If you want to make a visual novel then you just have to make an text-based storyline and then add images to the text. Here is a link to what a visual novel is; This game needs a lot of work if you want to call this game a visual novel, currently this game is just something someone would use to jerk off to, since this game doesn't have a storyline and everyone should know that you can't have a visual novel without a storyline.

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I really love playing this game. I did play this game about 1.84 to 3.27 years ago, but I had forgotten I even played it. (The game is as interesting as I remember it.) So when I clicked on it I thought I hadn't played before, but I did notice that I was already following the one that made this, but I still didn't remember. I remembered that I played it after 1 hour of playing the game, but I really love the story line, but I don't really remember much about the game back when I first played it. However, I do remember I completed the game, I love playing games like this, were it is about two girls in love, also I currently working on two games, one of them has playable content, but the other doesn't. The one that doesn't have a playable game yet is called Mystical Sanctum Ruins, the other on is called Patrol Turned Bad. Also, by the end of this year chapter one for Patrol Turned Bad will be complete. For more details about anything I am creating check it out.

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