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If a page is loaded with the iframe embed code and the viewport changes (browser window resized, orientation change, etc.) before the embed element is scrolled into view, upon scrolling the element into view the contents are not properly sized to fill the frame. This is not an issue with other iframe content (including similar embedded storefront widgets like Humble, Steam, etc).

I haven't verified this but it also seems like the embed is lazy-loading itself which is arguably against best-practices in this case, as it would be best left to the parent page to optionally implement.

I've solved this issue on my end for now by setting and clearing the width of the embed element when it enters view upon resize or scroll, but the root problem should be addressed.

Breaking out jam_entry into it's own element as a banner either directly above or below the game might work OK, either in the existing user_tools style or in the style of the "header_columns" element on the Jam Entry page itself

On game pages, at 960px viewport width the "user_tools" element can (and often does) overflow in a way that overlaps the game viewport when out of fullscreen. This is especially frequent with the "jam_entry" element. 

Some possible solutions include setting an explicit maximum width to the column thereby breaking overlong inline list elements, width-limiting list entries to hide overflow, etc.