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ah yes, that did the trick, and explaines why the workaround did work with two seconds in the example XD Also, fairly logical, coming to think about it....
Thanks a bunch!

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Hey Ben,

thx for the quick reply. I have uploaded an example project with the problem occuring to

I had some partial success with setting Delay Capture to my particle's lifespan (i.e. cutting the buildup framewise), but it seems not to be working in all cases...

Edit: I'm exporting at 16 fps, maybe that's the issue?
Edit2: I got the workaround to work reliably when rendering at least 2 seconds worth of frames. It DOES work this way, but it also means a lot of manual labour since I have to export single images and delete every second frame and then build the spritesheet in Photoshop.

Hi there,

i don't know if this is maybe a bug or if I'm doing something wrong, but the Seamless Loop Feature of Blast FX does not work for me. Here's what I did:
- created a repeating emitter
- turned on seamless loop
- set Preprocess to match particle lifetime (no Lifetime Rand, though I don't know if that's even necessary)
However, once rendered, I start with an empty frame and the particles are building vom zero. It seems that no preprocessing is applied, hence no seamless looping possible.

Am I doing it wrong? Any hints greatly appreciated.

Best regards