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I know. It's a bug.

You have a typo in the second line. There's a missing "i" in "xPosition". The Error message isn't working very well to be honest.

Really great game! I love the idea, the visuals and the movement. The whole game feels very polished and the small story is also really nice. The only thing I would criticize is the level design, which could be a bit better. Other than that it's one of the best games I've played in this jam.

Cool game, godd idea, nice visuals. It would nice if the movement was a bit more precise.

Cool game, especially the visuals are really good. 

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for playing!

Haha, I'm lazy okay. But seriously thanks for playing.

Ah, too bad. Thanks for the feedback anyways!

Thanks for playing! 

Cool and polished game with nice visuals and fun gameplay. I really like it!

Awesome idea, great implementation and nice visuals. Easily 5 stars. 

Cool game! I really like implementation of the theme and the graphics are also pretty good. One thing that was a bit annoying is that i couldn't delete instructions, after adding them to the queue. Apart from that great game.

The best game I've played so far. I love the idea and the visuals. The only two things I criticize are, that the movement can feel a bit unprecise and that the levels are getting too hard. Otherwise great game.

I like the idea of the game and the visuals look pretty good. I just think, that the levels should be a bit harder.

I am glad you like it!

Thanks for the feedback. I will play your game when I have time.

Thanks for the feedback.

I never thought that someone would actually beat it. I am glad you like it.

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I will implement some of these ideas  when I make another platformer

Thanks for the feedback. The game is just to hard

Thanks for the feedback!

I am glad you like it!

Thank you!


Thanks for the feedback

I am glad you liked it

Thanks for the feedback!

I am glad you like it!

Really good game. Especially the art and the music are so good. Just the theme is missing a bit.

Fun, little game. I really like the visuals and music. It's just a bit short.

Thank you for the positiv feed back. I'll look into turning it into a mobile game.

Thanks for the feedback. When I press CTRL, the game doesn't stop, but I will add an option to remap the keys. 

Super good game. In my opinion it's a bit easy, but otherwise it feels very smooth and polished. 

thank you!

Thanks for the positiv feedback! I am glad you like it.

The camera will pan further when you touch the edge of the screen, if this is your problem. But thanks for the information

Thanks for your feedback. I will definitely add sound and a basic story to the game in the future. About not telling the player what he/she is supposed to do: I always liked games that throw the player directly into the game, without explaining the goal, but I guess it wasn't the right choise for a puzzle game.

Thanks for your honest feedback. About the jumping, in level 3, you find a key, which you can use to get rid of the chain, which means, you can jump. I though, it would be a good idea to reward the player for finishing level 2, but now I know it isn't .