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After 3 long weeks, i manage to finish my game on free time.

SAKURA'S FIGHT, KEYBOARD FIGHTING GAME, inspired by Street fighter,  provide great effects for a nice experience of combat in 3D.

BLENDER, MIXAMO and UE4 Was need to make this "masterpiece" from my point of view of indie dev! 

You are Sakura and you are fighting yourselfand show who is the best!!

This fighting game is in 3D made thanks to the powerful game engine UNREAL ENGINE.

Wanna see it?

Go there:

Hi all,

I just finished a nice video game in 3D. So it is a fighting game where you just need your keyboard!!

Click on the link:

Hope you enjoy it!

Good game! good gameplay

Say what you think about his project!!

Hi everyone,

I am starting the building of a new game wich will be called "GLORIOUS STORM".

This game will be a RTS with a lot of innovation. At the moment, i am building the environnement. There will be three maps.

And each map will be different and offer different challenge for the player.

Normally the devellopment of the game should not last more than 3 month as this will be a short trial. But the appearance of the game will be great!! A lot of props has already been built and more will come in order to make this game outstnading between all the existing RTS.

You will be able to change the appearence of your troops largely just before the game start.
You will enjoy a single player game made by an indie so It won't be TOTAL WAR but it is a journey towards that!