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The room that's bricked shut was meant to be the baths but I just couldn't find the right energy to do anything with it. Maybe one day.

There is no official species name and you should call it whatever you want. I've used the tag hippowoof at least once but that's just silly.

Anyway thank you for playing my game :)

You cannot open this door.

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Incidentally the binary release works much better with the itch app on Linux.

If you want to, you can transfer your saves by copying the save directory from one game directory to the other. By default, the flatpak saves are at:


and by default the itch app saves are at:

~/.config/itch/apps/sulphur-nimbus-hels-elixir/Sulphur Nimbus/save

where ~ is your home directory, as is normal. The directories starting with a period (.) are hidden in most file managers. You can likely toggle their visibility with the hotkey Ctrl-H.

If you downladed it without the itch app, then the save directory goes inside the game directory wherever you extracted the archive.

The work I did on the flatpak release is available here in case it is of interest to anyone

Your art is lovely, thank you :)

I am happy that you enjoyed my game.

I have raised the minimum price back to a nonzero value for the occasion, and will keep it that way for the duration of the bundle if the game is accepted. Please reject it if you feel this goes against the spirit of the project.

No problem, happy it helped

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The Discord window capture hook is known to cause a serious memory leak which will eventually crash the game regardless of settings. Unfortunately this is not something I can fix on my end, however you have a few options:

1. Change your Discord capture mode to Display Capture instead of Window Capture.

2. Use Discord for Google Chrome.

3. Use any other screen capture software, such as OBS.

Thanks for the report. I was not able to get this to happen normally, but it has nevertheless been fixed in the latest release.

I enjoyed this and found the art style inspiring.

I did have a problem where the game would not run because the RPG Maker 2003 RTP was not found. I had to set FullPackageFlag=1 in RPG_RT.ini to fix this.

The dGPU opt-in you are referring to is already implemented in the official release for 64-bit Windows.

Unfortunately, there is no way to enable this feature from pure Java code. To overcome this, the official release uses the Groan Autodeployer, which is an executable wrapper that is able to enable the switch in native code before starting the Java Virtual Machine. The Groan Autodeployer is available on my SourceForge profile if you want to set this up yourself. But, the documentation and configuration is not very user friendly and please understand I do not offer technical support for this.

There are other Java executable wrappers you can try which have better documentation. I have never seen one that has the dGPU opt-in, but they do play nicer with Nvidia Optimus (e.g. you can configure the executable separately in the Nvidia control panel, or if you have a somewhat recent driver you can right click on the executable to select the GPU).

Without creating a native executable I think the only way to use the dGPU is to set the java executable itself to use the dGPU in the Nvidia control panel. In my experience this will work if you select the correct version of the executable, but I understand it's not a very nice solution.

It's there for people who want an extra challenge. It contains some collectibles, but unless you are a completionist it is entirely optional and that is the idea.

This should be fixed in release 118, although I haven't had the opportunity to test it on an actual high-DPI Windows 10 computer.

Thanks, I was not aware anyone could join. Looks like I'm too late for them to add the game, but I asked them to add me to the collection of supporters.

It appears I am too late, but please add me to the list of supporters.

That's good, thanks for letting me know.

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If you have the time, could you verify that the issue has not resurfaced in the latest version? (112)

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Not exactly planning on making more games like this, but if the game ever gets something like a modding community maybe you'll get to see something like what you're imagining.

Me and ntfwc found a possible fix, if you could try this version and let me know the results that would be great.

Hi, sorry about that. If you could provide the full, uncropped error log (including the header) that would be very helpful. Also, please contact me via the discord server or send me an email at if you can.

This bug has been fixed, thanks for the report.

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I sell the builds because money helps me to live. I've released the source code because I believe it's the right thing to do.

If you have the knowledge required to compile the game, then you can currently obtain a complete copy of the game for free. However, regarding the legality of redistribution: The source code is MPL, but the assets (e.g. the 'res' directory) are, at the time of writing, all rights reserved. This is in part because there are certain assets that I do not own and whose licenses are incompatible with the MPL. You have every right granted by the MPL for all forms of the code, but redistributing a copy and including the assets is, at best, on very shaky legal ground.

That said, I have no intention of fighting redistribution as long as it's not done in extremely bad faith, such as publishing a complete copy on a digital game storefront, or claiming that you made the game. Giving a copy to your friends is fine (and reusing any and all parts of my code is fine), but please encourage anyone who enjoys my work to consider buying the game to support me.

Code and assets being different licenses is not uncommon practice, and it is reflected in the Metadata. Commercial open source games also not unprecedented, although they are relatively rare. This article contains some examples that follow a similar model:

The source code is published under the MPL 2.0. You will find the link to the freely available source code if you read the game description. This link can also be found under More information > Links > Source code. 

Fixed in the latest update, thanks for the report.

It is working as intended, I have double checked this. She won't say anything if you do the ice level as your sixth star, because at this point in the story she has other things on her mind. If you want to see the text, either do the ice level earlier or do finish another level first.

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Glad to hear you enjoyed the game! I have improved the collision model for the drawbridge winch in the latest update.

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You unlock the "translator" after the credits (if you closed the game during the credits, load the ending checkpoint and skip the cutscene), so you can learn what they were saying if you ever decide to play it again.

The translator is added to your documents when you start a new game.

(Also, thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it)

I will fix this right away.

I hope you enjoy the experience.