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Very enjoyable stroll through the park of past.

The first run to the boss was real nice for sure. But a guide in gamefiles or youtube would be nice for 27 spirits because I don't feel like walking into every wall in the game to find them.

Really cool art and interesting gambling plot.

That was real nice. Only complaint I have is the hurtbox of our hero is a bit big which makes fights feel a bit awkward.

Losing my +95 run several times to the game creating massive lagspikes while you need to have frame precise inputs killed my fun and motivation to continue. I give up, the game beat me and I watch a letsplay of the last 5 floors.

Seems like you can't install these with the itchio client.

Fun platformer hitting all the rigth GB notes.  Also might be one of the most accurate presentations of -that- character ever.

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Incredible completed work. Even better than I expected from the jam demo. Also I did guess  a certain plot point correct.

Love the art and seting but as game this was quite rought as of now. The camera moving around during textboxes so much that I look straight at the ceiling to see the room is only half a diorama in a blue void was still less bad than having to do giant windmills with my mouse arm for minutes to get 2 lines of text from the dog interaction, which got too annoying for me to deal with further.

Very interesting concept that is fun and calming to play. Noticing what words are left behind unusaed in each window helps paint a more indepth narrative than just plain dialogue.

That was pretty fun.

Oh my god that was beautiful ;A;

Instaleld this cause saw it on itchio twitter and thought this style felt familar. Turns out you refered to The Well as inspiration. And this can stand proudly besides it. Great work.

Oh no we doomed the galaxy!

Ohh I was really into the setting and characters. Looking forward to a full version.

Ah this was lovely and relaxing, need more of it.

Thank you for this.

Cute and chaotic, cuteoic.

I got stuck 2 times on crates and slopes repsectively but otherwise a nice, atmospheric walk.

I remember when I first saw a bench with such a disconnector on the seats and thought how his doesn't make sense and mades sitting uncomfortable if you are not super slim all while not really looking that much better. Only years later I realized what these designs main purpose were. Cruelty is the point.

Great virtual museum.

Wow this was amazing in style. Thank you for including your own hint system because I got really stuck at some.

This was quite the heavy read. Gonna process this for days.

These are good mechanics to base a longer game on. Nice sprites and tunes as well.

Don|t think I need to report the keys jus respawning when re-entering the rooms since this is so short.

Great playthrough.

I wish I could turn on the light at the end but this was very nice.

One of the greatest ways to do levelups was in the recent Triangle Strategy. Levelups barely raise your HP and are really just there to unlock new selected skills with more resources. The whole system was very tight, you can't just grind and outlevel content like say arenas in older FE games but were just part of the natrual unit balance.

I am confident you can execute whatever system you set out to do very well.

Very intriguing pilot. Looking forward to more magical girl hacker yuri action.

This reminded me of reading a manga like Akira where between reading dialogue you just spend minutes looking in awe at the giant scenery shots.

There were like 3 texts that seem to go off the screen, not sure if bug or intended for mystery from leaving out a word or two.

Took the quiz and got Mi. This will be nice to come back to later as it fills out.

This was so fun and fascinating to read through. Really enjoyed learning about this strange world with our 4 lovely lovemaidens and seeing them grow together. Banger tracks and very charaterisic art as well.

Oh I like the sort of loop gimmick before you get everything about the story within the story.

Short and snappy. Good job on the art, puzzle, music and writing.

Short and snappy. Good job on the art, puzzle, music and writing.

Great backgrounds and cool robot designs.

A bit different than your previous works but recognizable in style nontheless and a good experience to play.

Seeing that 1 missing coin and everything after filled me with a very eery dread.

Nice that the DLC now is finally on itchio as well. But I guess I can just forget about Windows Store/Gamepass App ever getting the DLC if it needed russia to invade ukraine for this to happen here.

This is a good question especially now that it is in a bundle.

Great to see this legend leave the jolt harbour to arrive at our comfy itchio home.