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Very intriguing pilot. Looking forward to more magical girl hacker yuri action.

This reminded me of reading a manga like Akira where between reading dialogue you just spend minutes looking in awe at the giant scenery shots.

There were like 3 texts that seem to go off the screen, not sure if bug or intended for mystery from leaving out a word or two.

Took the quiz and got Mi. This will be nice to come back to later as it fills out.

This was so fun and fascinating to read through. Really enjoyed learning about this strange world with our 4 lovely lovemaidens and seeing them grow together. Banger tracks and very charaterisic art as well.

Oh I like the sort of loop gimmick before you get everything about the story within the story.

Short and snappy. Good job on the art, puzzle, music and writing.

Short and snappy. Good job on the art, puzzle, music and writing.

Great backgrounds and cool robot designs.

A bit different than your previous works but recognizable in style nontheless and a good experience to play.

Seeing that 1 missing coin and everything after filled me with a very eery dread.

Nice that the DLC now is finally on itchio as well. But I guess I can just forget about Windows Store/Gamepass App ever getting the DLC if it needed russia to invade ukraine for this to happen here.

This is a good question especially now that it is in a bundle.

Great to see this legend leave the jolt harbour to arrive at our comfy itchio home.

This was beautiful.

I can not for the life of me figure out what the intended hint-to-solution-way is to get the numbers from the clock for the code. I watched a letsplay and she just got the number by starring at the keypad picture which confused me even more.

Great atmosphere and clayart tho.

Another great entry in the outer zone series. More characters and more information about this strange land.


Jeez that ending made me jump. Keep it up.

Found a minor typeset error in this item description. Just small cleanup on it needed.

The true ending hit me as well.

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This was incredible. Stand proud with head high next to the beloved classics of phyilosophical&horror RPGmaker games.

I really love all the characters. What a great point&click adventure ;;

I love it.

This game made me feel very uneasy, in the intended way.

Not sure if I bugged it because I was told to sleep after the monkey appeared in the door and I simply could not go to sleep even after the shaking wore off from eating my first optional cookie.

Not quite sure how I made that walking eye worm appear on the lake but it guided me to 2 secrets passages! The one I found before was still a dead end and the 2nd with Mantarok inside I would have never found myself. Throwing around the new speeches I got from there brought me to the Annihilation ending.

A truely great experience this game was but I leave figuring out more endings to others.

How do you advance in The Subsurface? I found 3 twinworms among inner worm piles and turned those into 1 Memory of Air and 2 Memories of Silence with the disc. There is a round thingy giving me a simple speech I can imitate but it does nothing and a twoheaded worm showing me a n with dots over it symbol in a circle that I can not speech myself.

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Would be nice if the options menu was accessible while in the game. I had to watch the intro 3 times now because I am figuring out proper mouse sensitivity and the "Resume Quit" menu once popped up never disappears all while the game is not saving.

The game itself is wonderful. Great atmosphere and audiovisuals.


I think the game breaks if you click different things too fast but it's very relaxing and fun discovering the descripted culture.

Wait the Cyberpunk used us to plant a bomb in the tower haha.

That was fun. 

If I might give a tip: Just because an object like a wire is 1 ppixel wide does not mean the clickable hitbox of it has to be. Gets very finnicly to click :P

Charming and fun, jope to see it grow.

How fun.

I feel sorry that I can not help ease your pain.

I need a mental break after this.

Hey Slimes can become you obscure and rich origin work that people go to once they tasted your HOT and POPULAR indie hit.

Great, I want more from and like this.