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HI oamandapanda, sorry for the delayed response! Glad the issue was able to be fixed!

Hi Pierre, sorry that this is a bit late, happy to hear that you're enjoying the game!

Hi taithethai, I wanted to give you an updated on this. A 64-bit version for osx is now available. If you run into any issues with the build just give us a head's up!

Hi taithethai, sorry for the delayed response! We are currently in the process of contacting's support team to increase our storage for Rogues. Once our storage size is increased we'll be able to make sure we have both 32 and 64 bit versions available for OSX and PC. I'll likely respond to this thread and make a small update post when/if we're able to add those builds. Thanks for your interest and for asking about this!

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Hi shadowrabbit64, I'm sorry to say that it's unlikely that we will be able to release a Linux version. Thank you for checking out Rogues, I'm sorry if this prevents you from being able to play it!!

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