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The Alienware giveaway was just for beta keys

Keys are up now!

Cutthroat community · Created a new topic Future Plans

We plan to add tutorial missions along with story missions for each class. They will be single player or co-op. Getting missions in is our next big goal for the game so stay tuned!

Cutthroat is a local multiplayer stealth party game that is fun and competitive for everyone regardless of skill level!

•2-4 Players

•Gamepad Only

This is the first public demo version of Cutthroat!

How to Play: Figure out which character you are, and then which characters your friends are. There are NPCs running around, so try to move like them and blend in with the crowd to make your sudden attack unexpected! After 90 seconds the NPCs will begin to die, so stab your friends quickly! Points are awarded for eliminating other players, and the one with the most points at the end of the match wins.

The input manager is bound for Xbox 360 controllers by default but you can bind your own in the Unity input manager.

Controls (Xbox 360 Controller)

Movement: Left Analog Stick

Basic Attack: X

Primary Skill: A (3 uses per round)

Special Skill: B (1 use per round)