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You need to figure out how to launch it out of fullscreen mode, idk how, but that's what causes the issue usually

Virus Total Ain't dumb, I recommend looking into it

The game became pretty laggy as they joined and then crashed soon after

I can't seem to figure it out, any help?

Cross platform game w/a guy on windows (I'm on fedora linux) kept resulting in crashes and lag, none of which were there before they joined the game

This is an awesome game! I've always loved stuff like tetris, but imo never liked the feel (music, colors) of it, so this is just straight up awesome!

Clueless as what to do for "Spikeys" :(

That's as far as I've gotten, and I've checked the tapes but they don't seem to help

Pretty fun, and considering that there's only 5 levels I spent at least an hour trying to beat it (never did lol)

Is it possible for there to be a download?

Why is the sound so good, this music is amazing

Dude noone's gonna play if you talk to yourself in the comments using language like a 5 yold

Love it! works pretty good on wine too!

I got the disc gun and was like: yay I can fight back now

I died after spamming

Weird thing I noticed: The downloads seem to be of an older version than the web game, at least for Linux, no custom gun sprites/music/menus/animations etc

I got 12 Max after like 25 tries and there's still stuff I haven't figured out or used lol this is awesome