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Sorry, that's not an option for this project. In this build, it's playable via browser only. Were you hoping to emulate it on your computer for personal use?

My current PC is a bit of a trash can but this ran great after a few mins! Clever use of the NASA/ESA samples. All the weird things have something important to say!

Hey, I knew I recognized that m%^*$#king tree from somewhere!!!! ≧◡≦

I am concerned that I fell into another dimension on page four. Sick manip work throughout!

Thank you kindly, friend! That was my full intention and as a total scatterbrained grieving egghead it's a relief that I actually managed to get that across. They gotta know!!!!!

Me and michaaaaael, solid as they come <3 Most fun I've ever had getting banished from heaven!!

The sense of relief I had when I nabbed my first Blue Dasher - priceless!!!! So fun and cute. The collection menu is such a cool bonus.

Oh the relief when I clicked those special energy boosts!! Great job

Holy cow, thank you SO much FSV for the video and excellent feedback! I really take it to heart as I'm trying to figure out how to make this idea/environment into a game. Thank you immensely.

Kai, this is such a cool experience!! You captured the essence of the cart you chose big time. Besides the general design being bonkers amazing I really enjoyed operating the lil archivist and the way the music just builds and crests as you move through the archive is great.

I ended up using a few of your beautiful trees and bushes to try out some weird godot lighting in this project. Thanks again for sharing this pack!!!

This was such a calming voidspace!! When others fell, it's nice to see that some of those columns are still standing :)

Yes!! The story is very good and I sensed a lot of thematic similarities between HITME and that show. I hope you enjoy if you watch it ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

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The empanada scenes were my favs, without a doubt! I also really enjoyed the way you segued between chapters with the butterfly overlay. Such a nice touch!

Have you watched Michiko e Hatchin / Finding Paradiso?

Aw c'mon guys even the leafy trees have sweet lil faces! And the crabby looking tree is cute too >:{

So here's the thing: as a player, I don't mind being punished for my mistakes in games at all lol. If anything, for players like me, it made me want to complete the game even more and its not like the puzzles are super tough or anything - they're really fun and such a creative way to make Bitsy more game-y. Sorry if this isn't helpful at all lmfao!

Super interesting and looking forward to see how this VN develops over time!

The sound design for the sing-a-long segment is so cool. The perfect companion to anxious, slurred keyboard mashing.

So fun! I messed up a lot through to complete it but the ending was so worth it. It put a smile on my face (and the super chill music was such a bonus).

Thank you, I wasn't aware of this mod! Looks like tons of fun and the weirdness is astounding. Puts the Wild Wasteland trait to shame.

Yep gonna be thinking about my abandoned, assumed dead Neopets all day thanks. Also, I love pretty much everything you did with the template and the HTML even if I can't wrap my head around it all right now. So cool and creative!

Hey i really enjoyed cave game. I'm glad I got the heart ending on the first try & it made me smile. I have a question/comment one-two-punch: I liked how when you trip the lamp in the other area, you can still see the avatar. Was there a specific reason for not showing the avatar in the beginning or nah? 

Ouuuuu tree angels!!! I feel so good after visiting this collage. As always thank you for this, Ráchel! (and for some new tunes to check out!!)

These are so leafy and lovely! Thank you :) I hope to find a use for them in the near future and will dl then.

Thank you so much for putting this pack together! I kept hitting a wall whenever I tried to compose something decent using a tracker so this pack will help me get some sweet music into my GBStudio game with ease.

Yessss! Excited about the biggest project yet! Ou yes if you have the time, I'd definitely check out some of his work. I enjoy The Drowned World and a lot of his imagery in that book along with his short stories. I would argue that Ballard's world-building is stronger than his character-building, HA! You def don't have that issue - I want to learn more about the characters in this and it's an excellent start.

<('o'<) thank you, Ondrej! SOPHIE 'til the end of time! I thank you for sharing this Bitsy diary during your guest lecture - all I can hope for is that more people discover SOPHIE's music and keep SOPHIE's memory alive ♡♡♡

Really hope to see more of this! Getting maj Ballard vibes from the world-building here and I adore that :3

What a trip! This is incredible work and the sound design and gradual degradation of the Memorial (and myself) is an experience I won't forget for a long, long time. I'm so glad I got around to checking this out!! 

I really appreciate all the work put into this - thank you! The design is great and it's a narrative-heavy Bitsy that still has game mechanics which I consider to be a rare feat in the realm of Bitsy. My favourite interactions among the many, many memorable sprites were those with Flambo's memories. I'm very interested in reading more about the orig Bolo'bolo thanks to you - looking forward to returning to this Bitsy-fied sequel once I do :3

HOT BOT GOSS :3 goodness gracious you've done it again! Excellent lil Bitsy as always, pal! And I just really adore this interpretation of the jam theme... made me reconsider how saucy I usually am to bots for no reason ugh hahahaha! I'd also like to believe they have feelins too.

I'm planning on it! Your game has def piqued my interest :) And I'm glad that audio thing was a quick fix, phew!!

I'll start this off by saying I haven't played Sea Of Thieves but I think I have a pretty good sense after playing this N64 tribute. You guys nailed it! I got major Wind Waker vibes from the models & environments and everything just looks & feels like it's so lovingly done. Amazing work! One lil issue I had when running around on Skeleton Island that I'd like to report (unless y'all already know this): the wave ambience / sfx seemed to completely cut out after I'd explored the island for a solid 15 mins or so. I'm happy to say this was the only tiny issue I ran into though!

Oh my goodness this was SO much fun as well as entertaining! Def has the replay value which is important. Also, I enjoyed how you included both the classic ps1 rendering and a more modern graphics version. Great touch! What engine did you use to put it together?

I like to hear that those creepazoid ghouls belong in the crater! Thanks for playing! The robot / deranged securitron was my absolute fav model to work on so I'm really pleased to hear someone feels the same about that guy. He's pretty groovy!

Thanks for trying it out and for the encouraging words!!! Ugh, I know that was so frustrating - sorry about that. This is my first crash course in Godot so I didn't have time to fully understand animation trees, etc, but rest assured this is on my list of things I'm gonna fix for my next update.

Entertaining as all hell! The music is a great bonus and keeps things tense.

Really, really great! The dialogue for once you lose a goblin or two is h e a r t w r e n c h i n g "snotch misses glort so much it hurts" ugh!!! So good - this game gets you to feel for these unfortunate goblins right off the bat. The art is incredible as well.