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We're less than 2 weeks away from the end of our kickstarter with 3k to go! Any signal boosting is much appreciated~ We could use all the help! We'd love to see our game made fully!

Aw what we don't mind at all! In fact we appreciate you taking the time <3 Thank you for the link! We'll definitely check it out, we appreciate your support a ton!

Thanks for the feedback! As well as for letting us upload here of course~ We'll be sure to spruce up our page as soon as possible!

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Hello! Just want to thank everyone who gives the demo a try, we appreciate your interest! We'd love to see the demo do well along with the kickstarter, and for that to happen we'll needs lots of help of course! So sharing the game or kickstarter with friends or people in general is much appreciated!

Hello! We've just released the demo to our Visual novel in the making, as well as a kickstarter for any interested in supporting the game so it can be made to its full potential!
You can find the demo along with the kickstarter link here

Phantom Ban Detective Agency is a paranormal/mystery visual novel. What is a visual novel you may ask? A visual novel is type of video game format that focuses on storytelling through text, visuals and audio. Visual novels may feature multiple endings through decisions made throughout the game.

In Phantom Ban Detective Agency you play as Riley Weir, a high school student at North Milton High. Alongside fellow student Dameon Hunt, self proclaimed “Phantom expunger extraordinaire,” she finds herself wrapped up in strange occurrences caused by mysterious beings called “Phantoms.” Together they join forces to solve the strange phenomena caused by the Phantoms and restore peace and order to North Milton.