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Oak Thielbar

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Simply one of the finest tools for making tiled maps. Thank you for your work on this.

Oh wow, thank you! :D And thank you for providing this amazing platform.

I enjoyed the hyper lo-fi aspect of this game, especially that you included a way to clip through everything. I haven't spent much time exploring outside the boundaries yet to see if you've hidden some special content somewhere, but it makes me feel like you've done just that.

Also, I found that the shift key did not appear to do anything, and space bar sped me up, so I wasn't able to enter a second round. :( I must collect more communism points!


My team has just released a month-long passion project called Book of Awakenings. What started as a small Mega Man clone turned into our attempt to tell a brief story in an NES-inspired package. Hand drawn pixel art using the NES color palette (including the font), authentic NES music written in Famitracker (using the VRC6 expansion, wee!), and a few more modern things (particles, shaders) for a bit of polish.

If you've got 5 minutes to spare, we think you'll enjoy it.

And we're open to feedback! Please let us know if something was broken or if you had fun.

Thank you very much! We're really pleased to hear that you enjoyed it so much. <3

Really great concept and execution. A perfect fusion of the fundamentals of audio and gaming.