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once again, you outdid yourself!!  Love this game!! tracing back the clues and unravelling the mysteries made it refreshingly interesting. Although I'm now scared for the finale, when it's time for Dregg to make a choice....

Do you guys have any plans of releasing it on google playstore / steam / here? I would love to play this game, the artwork looks amazing!!!

omgggggg XD   I thought something was off when i saw i could pick up the whole toilet and I was like "wtf"?!

sorry, but it isn't working for me. I'm playing on my laptop. Could that be why? Are the controls different?

I will try that, thanks!!


Hi!! I'm really sorry but I'm stuck on the title screen itself - I am unable to choose the level. I tried clicking and using the arrow buttons for selection, but its not working. Can you help, please?

good game, the puzzles are just hard enough and the clay aesthetics plus some certain visuals make it hauntingly good 

thanks for the walkthrough!! you really helped me out in a couple of spots and once it clicked, the rest was quite easy to figure out :D

hey!! really liked the game. Loved the ambience . I faced a minor issue where i couldn't move the camera with my mouse much. That made it difficult to figure out exactly where the cube was, especially in the 2nd level where the color of the cube was almost camouflaging with the setting (big cube) 

great job devs!! I look forward to seeing more of your work <3

loved the gameplay!! The colors, design and music all worked really well and gave it the dream-like almost surreal atmosphere. I like how in each level there's is a new component while also requiring application of the previous levels. Great job devs!! 

I'd like to check out more of your work and will eagerly wait for your next one :)

thanks a lot for looking into it and for the quick response!!  I was using the arrow keys and enter to select the option, but I'll try this method now. :)

oh my!! I cried at the end. It reminded me so much of when I used to visit my grandma during summer break and she'd make me my favorite dishes <3  thank you for putting that emotion and nostalgia into this lovely game <3

such a delightful game! I love the ending. I wasn't expecting it to go that route and it turned out so pleasantly heart warming <3  I did complete the game but I couldn't switch the power on and the part of turning on the power for the sound exhibit was the only thing that I couldn't do. 

what a fun little game!! Todd may not be as handsome as Todd, but Todd most certainly is quite cute~~ hehe 

hi devs, I'm getting "No Save Data Found" even while selecting 'New game' option

hey devs!! this is a great game!! have played this multiple times now and the puzzles while challenging at times, are fun to solve. There is just the right amount of hints given that tickle your brain that push you to believe that if you think / search just a bit more, you will get it.

i enjoyed a lot and i look forward to seeing more games from you. I hope you will consider making another one of such puzzle escape room game. :)

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hey, thanks a lot!!  I will check it out again :)

edit: played the game again and did as you suggested - drew the floor plan, cut it out and made it into a box. That helped me out bigtime. 

thanks very much!!

what a beautiful game!! the visuals, sound created such a wonderful atmosphere!

the graphics card issue is quite possible. Thanks for the link!!

What a lovely little game!! Loved the story!! <3 I felt like i was snuggled up in a warm blankie and I was being told one of those little stories my grandma used to tell me when I as little.  <3

Hi there!! Sorry to bother you, but after the unity player loads, I'm just getting a blank black screen.

 Is there a way to troubleshoot this on my end? O is there a website of yours where I can play this?

What a sweet game (no pun intended, haha) . Only problem i faced was with the circles on the floor puzzle. I couldn't grasp the correct hints so I went with trial and error method. That is a lack on my part. Great game!! The puzzles were of just the right difficulty and the conclusion was even better than I thought. A total surprise. 

I love these little surprise endings that you include, it makes the story richer. The best part is that the element of surprise is not jarring. It ties well into the story and in fact, even enhances it. 

Such a cute little game!! To be honest, I was getting really worried in the beginning as I (cat) was destroying everything and the situation was already dire for my owner. But the end!!! God, it turned the whole situation on its head!! A whole 180 degrees!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Wonderful!! I got goosebumps at the end !! Beautiful game. The background music and the voice acting for 'sister' created the eerie atmosphere and gave it gravitas. 

This game was exactly what i was looking for, and needed. Its so fun and relaxing. The kitties are just so cute, I wanna pet them so bad :(  The controls were really smooth and halfway through the game I realized I could basically fly so after that realization I was enjoying my time jumping and gliding through the air. 

Thanks a lot for this game!! idk how I managed to find this gem of a game.
Much love <3 <3 <3

great game !! I wasn't expecting the twist in the end :O  enjoyed it a lot !!

I am finding the second room tough. I'm pretty sure I've got the floor plan correct but still the numbers aren't working. I don't know how to use the two arrow cards and I'm wondering if they have to be used to figure out the numbers on the ceiling or the letters on the wall in the 1st room. I also cannot figure out the order of the symbols and colors on the panel. I know where to look. I have all the information I need but how I'm applying it doesn't seem to be working. 

It is challenging but I am having a lot of fun

Spoiler Hint below

Hint: check the bottles on the shelf closely

I really like the art style and the controls and mechanics were smooth. I wish it was longer but it was a demo version so i understand. Very well done and I look forward to the full version and more stuff from you :)

hey!! it was a really cool game, had a lot of fun !! 

I tried a lot with the lamp but it is not flashing as it is supposed to. Only the message of "its working but in a weird way"  is showing when I switch on the lamp. I have tried turning the main light off but to no avail

Had a lot of fun !!!  Just spent a couple of minutes in the beginning clicking on the items in the inventory box below to figure out how it would work, but i got it in the end

The flirtatious exchange at the bar was HILARIOUS 

ohhh I see :D

had a lot of fun!! This is my second time playing this game. The first time I couldn't figure out half the puzzles but while playing back the I realized that most of the puzzles have little hints given throughout the house. I'm so glad I didn't look at a walkthrough. I guess my brain was working today because I could figure out 97% of it. 

Overall I really really enjoyed the game. It drew me in from the start, puzzles are not too hard, little details and clues are given enough to understand what needs to be done yet some challenge is still there. I like that we need to solve some puzzles in one room to be able to solve some in the other room. Controls were smooth. The visuals and background music made the experience immersive.

Really excited to see how the full version turns out and looking forward to more works by the devs :)

A couple things that did confuse me, I've stated below:


I couldn't find the last worm, that was hidden behind one of the black zigzag creatures in the space bathroom. I had to refer a walkthrough for it. If i hadn't I would have had to resort to blindly clicking around. 

Another thing that confused me was the lamp in the bedroom. When I switched it on, I saw a worm like shape, multiplication sign and 67. I'm not sure what it is supposed to mean as it didn't play a role in any puzzle or if I interpreted it wrong or if it was a clue to finding the worm in the bathroom.


I'm having the same problem :(