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Oh my god this is so fucking good I just can't. I can't wait for the next part.  Dialogs are really entertaining and the plot is hooking. I laughed so much at that scene at the window. It is amazing! Thank you.

It is very much important how they're talking, what they're talking about and where does this lead. Sure, some slice of life/small talk dialogs are important for character and world building, but I tire of them fast if there's too much of it. Everybody has their own preferences. Also... why do you capitalize random starting letters?

now that sounds inviting.

thank you.

Sure, the shy guy is the secret psycho. Ugh, it's a really bad cliche.

The novel is... I still want to finish it, but to me it seems really boring. All they do is just talk and noting happens. Only interesting parts are the dreams. The 3 love interest characters are really specific. I wish Chris could be dateable, everybody else doesn't really seem interesting to me. But I don't think novel is the problem, It just focuses on things I don't find interesting.

Good questions. Smart move. I myself would love to see the statistics .

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Idk what to say. Garreth's offer infuriated me. I instantly regretted going with him. It would be nice to add an option that would reflect how insulted I was by his offer. That just ruined the mood.

Is there an option for him to not heal? I like his old sprites better.

I love it, really great work and amazing characters and interactions. I would like to get more lore on the vault though.

do those sentences must be exact? Or there is a level of variance?

Passwords? There are more then one red??

Love it. Cute Baph, unless you make him angry.

1) I though about a horn ring, but actually it can be horn anything. Like some piece of jewelry for horns?
2)It doesn't really makes sense to me that he fears the valley so much. I mean, he suffered for so long, he doesn't care about pain anymore, what worse thing can there be that he fears it so much?!
3) Snuggles... But I would enjoy scaring him, then saying I was joking and reassuring that he doesn't have to fear his master.
as for ideas/feedback:
a) Again, it would be cool if we explored more possibilities of the hotel owner. What can he actually do. Why can't he just spawn or substitute artifacts? Why can't he force the hotel to work with new technology? Why he has to walk instead of just creating doors that lead wherever he wants?
b) Why does new owner has to obey old rules? Like, if you set up rules, why can't you change them? What if one of the owners sets a rule that nobody can set up rules? Or at least that you have to whip Asternion once a day, or send him to the valley? Maybe set up a set of ultimate rules, like constitution, and then other rules, that can be amended?

I do like the writing. In semantic sense. The syntactic component is kinda weak, could be improved.

This is exciting! The story is intriguing, it really keeps you interested. I love the writing and new sprites are a very nice addition.