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Thank you, that's a nice compliment !

The most of the work is animating, I think I took like 3 three weeks full time (5 or 6 days a week) to finish that ;)

Cheers !

Merci beaucoup, c'est motivant pour la suite ;)

Glad you liked it ;)

Hi imekon,

I think you can update your graphic card driver, and it should work. If it's still not working, I'm sorry, your graphic card is probably too old...

Please let me now if its works !

The grandson of Captain Haddock and the niece of the Grumphy Smurf made the mistake to go as a couple. Explore the possibles ends of this conflict! An experimental digital comic, both in technology and narration, where you are throw back in time!

To play here :

This is my submission to both Github Game Off and Angoulême Comic Festival Digital Challenge 2018 ;)

Made with Godot 3 Alpha 2...
I hope you will enjoy it ;)