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A member registered Dec 27, 2016

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Oh, cool!

Is Trick a boy or a girl?

No problem at all!

Oh, she's cute! I'm excited for her story!

That pink wolf?

I see. I'm sure your future games will be great!!

Who's the next game gonna be about? Juju? The cats? One of the 3 main characters?

This is an awesome idea, and I've only seen a bit of gameplay so I'm very sorry if I'm getting this wrong, but I think it needs some improvement.

I'll compare it to Papers, Please. In Papers, Please, if you get something wrong I think you lose money, which is bad because you need to keep your family alive and well, so it gives you motivation to make the right decision out of fear you'll lose the game.

In this, I don't believe you get punished for getting something wrong. I get it's supposed to be opinion based, but there doesn't seem to be a reason you should be doing this.

If it was sort of in the style of "either.io" where you are given two options, you pick one, and you see the public's opinions, that would be cool. But from what I've seen, there's nothing of the sort.

This is a really cool game though! I'm looking forward to future projects :) This is just me being me, a nit-picky analysis. XD