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Sorry, we don't have the capacity to support Linux with this game, because it is our own engine. For the future we are considering working with Unreal which would make it quite easy to support Linux.

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@amras0x00: I am quite surprised by your comment considering that our approach to comedy is to make fun of the abusers rather the abused. So for example, yes we are making fun of sexual harassers and the culture that enables it, but we don't make fun of  victims of sexual harassment, because "punching down" on victims/oppressed and marginalized people is not funny and frankly terrible homour. 

@Samsmile40: The game does not make jokes at the expense of trans people. 

What is your Mac? Does it support Metal? Are you on Catalina? The in game version number is wrong. We forgot to update it. Sorry about that.

Hey! Update is live now, v1.9 are both available for Windows and Mac.

You are very welcome :)

Hi! Sure, give me until next week to sort it out. Sorry for the wait.

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Hi! Thanks for playing Astrologaster. I am happy to hear you enjoyed it. The agreement with itch is to not give Steam keys as part of this specific bundle. I don't want to be in breach of this agreement. More than 200k people have purchased the bundle by now. If I give a Steam key to you now, I have to give one to everyone or it would be unfair and not at all feasible to facilitate for a one woman studio like mine. Hope you are not too disappointed.

Hi! Can you try installing both the 32bit and 64 bit version of the visual redistribution package? Someone on the Steam forums mentioned that they needed both to get rid of the error.

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Thanks for organising this! 

We would like to participate with Astrologaster -