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Hey!!  Thank you so much for the comment and I apologize for replying a year late.  I've decided to just keep this game as a draft, as I have never really made games before.  I'm going to collaborate with a friend and make something a lot simpler from now on.  I understand that this is probably disappointing, but I started out on something overly ambitious and need to tone it down a little...  (or in this case, a LOT!).  I myself am an avid gamer and actually played through this a lot of times as I made it, making sure to give it a challenge - and you do need to save several times throughout the game!

I just forget how others, especially individuals who play these kinds of games might not be into the fighting as much so I do want to make a similar game to this (and complete it this time) with easier mechanics.  I might even use some of the same assets, storyline, base mechanics, etc.  

But I know that I made the game way too hard for most people, and that's the part that I'm going to remove.  And obviously, add some actual sexy scenes to the content!!

Press Ctrl + J in your browser if you're using a PC or Apple + J on a Mac, and it should take you to all your recent downloads.   Hope this helps!

I had to customize these sprites on my own.  If you'd like me to make you some, I'm available for commissions  :D

Would putting a map in the game help at all?  Been considering it...

Not really!  It's meant to be open-world.  Now I'm realizing I've done a lot of the planning wrong, so I might just try to make it more linear...  lol

Hey LittleJ!  

Thanks for your feedback, I greatly appreciate it!  I want to make the experience playing this game as good as possible.  Wow.  I actually did not know that can happen.  Check out the spa area (it's basically like a Pokemon center except it takes some of your gold unless you purchase a spa pass, which is expensive and takes quite a bit of Skreems away). 

I'm glad you enjoy it!  Hope you come back when I make an update.

Thanks!  I haven't gotten to the harpy nest update and I know it's been a while since I've been working on this game.  At this point in time, this is still a side project, but I'm very happy for your feedback.  Do you think I should add a map to this game?

Thank you!  Glad you like the demo so far.  I personally enjoy challenging fights in video games, but maybe I'll throw in some art scenes for it to be more rewarding if that's what gets people going.

Haha, sorry about the grinding!  Thank you soldancer for taking the time to comment.  I meant for it to be a little hard because I'd like for it to be taken seriously as an actual game.  I just like it when games are a little more challenging, as my personal preference.  Try exploring the campus more to find out if there's any other monster girls you can recruit into your party!

Try talking to her after getting more Skreems!

It's in the cafe, where Luciana is found.  :)  There should be a question mark that appears above it the first time you enter the location in game.

Try playing a minigame you get to by clicking on the billboard!

Also TP is basically MP that is set to 100 for all characters.  Instead of an action costing MP to use, it could cost TP instead.

Hey!  It looks like I uploaded a test version of my game.  Sorry about that.  I fixed the issue today- try out the latest version!

Try pressing the space bar or click a bit lower, near you.


I'm just posting about my game, Monster Girl University.  I entered the yuri game jam last year and would like to enter it this year again with some major updates.  I was wondering though, why can't I submit my game?

I'm planning on updating this to a new version maybe sometime around the end of this month.  :)  Thanks for checking in, hope you have some more feedback for me!  I'll be launching my own Discord server for Monster Girl University, so please reach out and let me know any suggestions!  I liked all of the ideas you mentioned previously, thanks again for the support!

Hey!  Thanks so much for the detailed feedback, I love these suggestions!  I'll keep these in mind for when I release my next major updates. 

Hey!  Sorry about that, I might have uploaded the files before they were even done being compressed into .zip files.  I just re-uploaded everything today and tested extracting it this time.  Let me know if this problem still persists!

Hi Skipalish!  

I made that part of the campus temporarily like that.  I'll make a devlog to describe what each area does, sorry for not really making it clear what each area is for.  I'm working on an area right now where you can go through a maze and fight some enemies, which in turn unlocks other areas for different / higher leveled monsters to appear.  Thanks for trying it out.  I'm also using MacOS to develop it, and this little problem should be fixed in the next update so I make everything that's unfinished more clear.

Haha, no problem!  I haven't been working much on it since life issues got in the way.  I removed my Patreon page, since I thought it wouldn't be fair for regular patrons if I'm going to be working on this sporadically, so I thought I'd go with collecting Itch payments or possibly using IndieGogo or Kickstarter as well.

Hey Zephy!

Thanks for commenting with your concerns! I'm planning on adding content to the doors, most of which will be locked until you get certain items after certain events or by finding them scattered across.  Check for the next update, I'll be adding battle-related content soon! 


Awesome, will be entering!  Hope you all will like what I make.  :)

You press Esc to access the menu, and can remap those keys later. 

Thanks for the comment.  Let me know if you have any other feedback!  

Ohhh.  Okay!  Thank you so much for your input!

Yes!  Where at?  In the store or individual items, such as the shovel, pickaxe?  Or some other items that are outside on the shelves?

Thank you so much for pointing that out!  Fixing it now for my next update.

This is a cute game.  Short, but it's well made and thought out.  :)

Oh!!  Thank you for addressing this issue, I forgot about this.   Fixing it now.

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Monster Girl University is a monster girl dating sim, and you play as Alex, a human girl who finds herself in an indecisive place in her life, unsure of what her next steps are or where to go.  She decides to apply to Monster Girl University, attending a school filled with monster girls, being the only human girl on campus.

Hey Crowthorne,

Thank you so much for playing through this demo and for this review!  I've added menu portraits, fixed a few tile related problems (which caused being able to run up walls in some locations), and am still working on storyline material!  Sorry for the slow updates lately-- running into a few real life related issues these past couple months, but I should be ready to start seriously working on this in January!

Cool art and animations, good luck on your game!