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Just a tip: Make the text more grey, now it strongly pops out and takes away the immersion. Would be nicer if it's sort of the same color as the lines of the text balloon :)

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Wait is this about?

Two developer friends are battling against each other in a deadline time span of two weeks, to create a game in their own way with a certain theme as base.


On this page you will find information about the games of Pixelboii and NVriezen. Both developers are working hard to prove that only one can be the best. Creating games in PICO8 for the first time and doing it in only two weeks. This Game Jam puts the developers to the test.

Super CasaNova

Woosh through space as Super CasaNova, a handsome young astronaut-guy in a tuxedo!
With his charming looks he can get anyone he so desires! 
The problem is this hover-lover can't find anyone.
Looks might not kill, but they do steal hearts...

So be quick, before the universe cockblocks you once again
Gather your materials and use your charm to make living (or non-living things, don't ask me about it) obey you! 
And thus you will create the most beautiful, inviting little planet for luring your future extraterrestrial partners!

Bird Tamer

Always wondered what it would be like to raise your own bird, hop on it's back and fly through the sky to win a bird competition?
It doesn't matter, because now there is "Bird Tamer".

You receive an egg which always follows you wherever you go. Give it enough food and play a lot with it to make it hatch.
Now the real fun starts. Your egg is now a little chick, as yellow as the flowers. Raise it well to be able to compete in the yearly bird championship.
There are a lot of things that can happen unexpectedly. Survive the way of life and become the greatest "super duper master bird tamer" the island has ever known!

Play The Games!

Enough words, let's play those games!

Play SuperCasaNova

Play Bird Tamer