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Do you know how long it might take for the fix to take effect after the code is updated? 

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Really liked this! I enjoy the cosmic horror elements, especially how varied it is throughout the different endings. You could definitely feel the oppressive atmosphere of a predator waiting for its prey to make a wrong move. 

The phone booth scene is my favorite, and I am curious if the decisions made to get the Pollyana ending mean anything thematically or not.

Also, my cat decided to add his own review while I was typing this: 87777777777777777770op--------------- 

Hello! Thank you for the kind words. At the moment there's only the yellow orb available to find. Sometime early 2023 I'll have an update that will contain three more orbs and a bunch of new content to see! :)

Oh my god there's so much character oozing out of this game! I love how you did the battle scenes especially. I wish the textboxes were slightly less opaque because they're a little hard to read for me on some screens but that's just nitpicking. Can't wait to see what other kinds of stuff you make!

what the hell? I don't know why someone would even do that for a game like mine. Thank you for the heads up.

No you're okay! Most of the game isn't finished yet, so there's going to be places that aren't as polished as I'd like them to be, or be missing items or npcs that will move story along. 

The game is vague with its directions and goals because it started off as a Yume Nikki fan game. The mysterious, unclear motives of Yume Nikki work because it's a game based on exploring dreams. Nocti was originally like this but over time I came up with a plot and I have honestly wondered if the game should be changed slightly to reflect that. This is confirmation for me tbh, so thank you!

There's also no guide because I figured either someone would write one on the YNFG wiki, or no one was interested enough in it. I will definitely start work on a simple guide, and then possibly make a larger, old school strategy guide style pdf that I'll have as a free download.

As for the humans in the ant city and the Molemin being stuck between the wall and back door, i'm going to need more information on those since they sound like bugs. Itch doesn't have DMs so I would greatly appreciate if you contacted me on Discord at Nuxill#7870 or Twitter @Nuxill! 

Thank you for your interest in Nocti! I'm glad you've been enjoying it despite being frustrated with it. 

what are you looking for in the white plains? There's sets of pillars you can walk through to go to new areas, and a well to explore. The only way to leave the area at the moment is to return to the main island and then go back to the nexus. There will be ways to get out of there in future updates. :)

this is pretty awesome! I was wondering if you could explain how to make an option for disabling animated text in general? I'm not proficient enough with code to understand how to edit the Chaos Text On/Off option to include more types of text. 

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Hi! If you are playing version 0.10 the save feature is accidentally broken. It should work with the newest version I uploaded, version 0.11. I downloaded it myself to make sure it was working. 

The roof will be fixed in a future update. Im embarassed that I didn't catch it before. The tiles are correct on every tileset except the one where they're needed, oops... 

Also I would love a future spanish translation! 

Thank you for playing Nocti! :D

I definitely did! And I'm totally going to be drawing fanart of it to help spread the good word! ;) I'll post a link here when I finish it if you want!

From what I've read the opposite can also happen: people can see the price of something and think it's not worth playing because it's cheap. Better to sell something higher and then put it on sale. It's a weird psychological thing that our society does. You'll definitely want to strike a balance though. 

Maybe you can do pay what you want with a minimum rate? I also think your ideas for packages was good too. I'd personally *love* to have a behind the scenes artbook pdf to scroll through or something along those lines that I could buy for an extra fee. You could also sell the custom soundtrack on or bandcamp and split the profits with the musician. 

I'm absolutely in love with this story so far, and I can't wait to see where it goes! I love this type of premise so seeing it executed so well is super exciting.

The only issue I saw was that the font for the robot's speech doesn't have a apostrophe so it shows up as one of those default rectangles. 

Oh, also, it seems like the game files haven't been archived, so you might either want to archive them or remove files uneeded for the demo. 

From one artist to another, for a game that's 4-8 hours long with a unique soundtrack and such nice art I feel like a price tag of 5 dollars is selling yourself short. You could double or triple that without a second thought. allows you to hold sales on your game if you're worried that some people might not be able to afford a steeper price. Definitely think about it!

hmm... I don't know why it wouldn't work. I haven't changed it since I did some bug fixing last year. I'll take a look into it when I can