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Sorry! I posted the solution to the code here

Thanks for playing anyway! 🙏

The code is the position of the marks in the barcode:

So the first digit is 3 because the mark is in the 3rd bar, then 6, then 9 because it's in the 18th position and we need a single digit, so 1+8, and the final one is 23, so 2+3. I was told people with colorblindness or certain screens can have a hard time noticing the marks in the barcode, I need to improve the contrast.

Anyway, the full code is 3695 :)

Thanks for playing!

Hi! The game is playable in the browser. Clicking Start Game should work (I need to add some animation to the start screen because it looks like a screen capture at the moment 🙃)

Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)


Ok, here's a hint. I guess you already checked the ID card you picked up with the cloth. The first digit is 3, the second is 9 (1+8, 18 being the position of the mark).

Hope you enjoy it :)

Surviving in a post-apocalyptic world is not easy. Our survivor is a nomad who travels the south of Europe by herself, always looking for supplies. Now she is stranded in an area where strange things happen. Could those huge antennas have something to do with it? She'll have to investigate to find a way to get out of there, while still looking for food and water. Join her in this adventure game with a pinch of survival mechanics!

Play it for free on your browser:

This is the first chapter out of three. Any feedback will be appreciated!

That's too bad.

Can you provide more info on the problem? Platform, does it give you any specific error?

We made it!  🎉

Gracias! Si, es verdad que acaba siendo un poco repetitivo y aburrido. Para la próxima jam tocará mejorar en jugabilidad :D

Gracias por jugar! ^^