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Like the name! :D
(And can't believe I only learned now about that Game Jam; need to flex my brain muscles and see, if I can think of something ...)

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Hi Ary, I bought a physical copy of Lost Roads and was wondering, if you could provide me with the Character Sheets and Reference Aids. Thanks a lot, Tim.

I am physically fine, thank you. I had to undergo surgery twice in 2019 and both cases were emergencies: in april I suffered from a ruptured appendix and they also found out that I had an umbilical hernia which needed fixing as well, while they were cleaning up the mess.

In november I went to my GP and then to ER with weird chest pain, which confused everybody because my heart was fine but the inflammatory markers were not. Then they found out that I got three large gall stones, so they removed my gall bladder.

However, it is pretty much the stay and care I received after the appendicitis and how I felt during those 10 days (*narrator voice* Hey, that's the name of the game!), which inspired the game, though.

There are so many organisations and people who do tremendous voluntary work to make this world a better place and you are absolutely right: they are a good reminder, that there is actually quite a lot of light in the darkness.

Thanks again for your kind words!

Hey all,

I just published the English translation of my first ever game, a solo journaling RPG that deals with the feelings of what it is like to be in hospital after an emergency operation and won a contest held by two German TTRPG blogs in 2020. It is heavily inspired by Andrew Millars Route Clearance and my own experiences after I had to undergo surgery.

Please check it out here and feel free to comment on false or weird grammar:

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So, we played All hands on Deck yesterday on New Years Eve. We sailed on The Queen under Captain Toby during the Golden Age of Sailing in a world similar to ours. We survived a storm with an entire orchestra including instruments on board (only one crewmember died when a gong went over the railing). No one dared to question the weird stories of our ship's cook Stella and everybody respected our medicus Doris, eventhough it seems she was practising with occult rituals when operating on the crew. And there were many many rumours about everyone on board, especially about our current destination because Capain Toby was leading us into unknown waters beyond our maps. Some said it was a rendezvous with a family member of the Captain, others claimed we were to exchange cargo (we had strange passengers on board) and a few whispered that there was a curse on Captain Toby: every 10 years the Captian has to meet with a Ghostship and pay their tribute, if they want to live on.
When the ship sank in the tentacles of a giant kraken, two of our crew left the ship, not wanting to die with our vessel, while one tried desperately to fight off the beast not realising they never had a chance until it was too late, so they went down with the ship. And the last crew member drowned as she watched on in awe as the Kraken took apart The Queen. For she chose a life on sea because she always wanted to see a Giant Kraken and finally saw one.
First off: we are all fans of For the Queen and have played it a few times, so it was really easy for us to get into the game and we really liked it and its maritime theme. I even used a piratey card deck which quite often had eerily accurate pictures to what about was to happen, esp. a Kraken (which was established quite early in the game, without the players knowing about the motif) on the King of Spades. We played for about 3 hours when we reached about the middle of the deck and forced the ending because it was a quarter to midnight. This is probably an unusual playing time but we were asking quite a lot of follow up questions about the answers the other players gave. And this is basically the only little critique we have: the questions in For the Queen are quite often a bit leading towards the Queen, so you are challenged to question her goodness or to make her seem ambiguous. This is something we missed in All hands on deck or rather we were under the impression this game is more about the Captain of the ship. We tried to recreate this with our follow up questions, which was no problem for us.
And now, as I am writing all this, I realise that you actually mention that the game is about "relying on each other, about being an individual in a team". We all totally totally missed that bit, maybe that needs to be more obvious? And we were also hoping for more questions which potentially bring some conflicts into the crew, akin to "Who is First Mate and why did the Captain choose them instead of you?" (Ace of Spades). Next time I'm facilitating it, I will also clarify the final question at the beginning after the set up, so everybody knows how the game will end.

That all said (well, written) we had a really fun experience playing your game. Thanks a lot, a Happy New Year to you as well as fair winds and following seas!

Hi Sam, I bought a physical copy of your game at drivethru and am planning to run it at a convention in september. That said, I was wondering if there are fillable playbooks  which I can use for online gaming? Or maybe a character keeper made in google drive? Cheers from Germany!

Wirklich hübsch!