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Mr Krab would like to know your location.


Try variables or since you can't VISUALLY see your inventory make the door give you an item but don't show dialog that you did or use a variable to change where an exit goes. I'm not saying it will work but it mght.

You see how to trees take up more than one tile on the map?

Image result for rpg maker mv rtpThat is what I mean

Animal sprites are self-explanatory 

Also I up-scaled the tiles and everything to work with RMMV. 

Can someone make animal sprites?

Or add onto this and add other things like an object that uses 2x2 tiles (If you know what I mean)


What Engine can I use this in? Does it work in RGP Maker MV?

It's good though.


I use RPG maker mv

What should I use this for?

How do I use these?

Bitsy Game Maker community » Help · Created a new topic How do I...

I have a game where I want a character to give you something if you have something else.

Example: You have a cookie. Other character wants it for ball. You give them cookie, you get ball.

I'm planning to make a game and release it before 2019 but I'm not sure if I should make it with Pix64:

or Bitsy:

Vote by putting .p for Pix64 or put .b for bitsy.

the same as liko-12 but no gamepad 

a fantasy console like tic-80


also i want to make a fantasy console can anyone teach me?