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Hello, NuSan. This was the first comment you directed to me, and in here I wanna ask you: do you still work on the second chapter of fragments of Euclid? It's easily one of my favourite games, and it made me your fan forever.

Exactly. At the time I posted that, I had some funky ideas about math and didn't know nearly as much.

I didn't like it either

That's what I did, and it says "Windows cannot find 'C:\Users\(MyName)\AppData\Local\Iislands_of_War'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again."

I know how to open the %appdata% folder, I was litterally saying there is no "IIslands_Of_War" folder there, not in local, locallow nor roaming sub-folders. Is that a bug? Cause I do seem to have a saved game that I can load...

And literally what I want isn't to get super-powerful but to just have like infinite lives, or infinite try-agains.

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Thx for that mate!

I've joined the discord as @Noriel_Sylvire

I'm now probably going to make a script for windows that makes backups of games and reloads them whenever you want.

Edit: Well, this is unfortunate, but I didn't seem to be able to find that folder... I created a new game so that there's something for the game to save there.

Edit2: I opened the folder (%localappdata%) in the command prompt as admin and there's no IIslands folder. That's odd. But it doesn't matter, I don't think many people would like to use this kind of mod, cause it's cheating.

Hello, Anuke. I'm not a player that has played a lot of your game, but I'm an old player (you can see my comment from one year ago).

Since then I've been checking every new version and I'm very glad that you listened to all of our suggestions and also improved and expanded the game so much. I love playing factorio and this game sort of feels like it while at the same time being different (why? Because the genre is the same, but the games are different) and I really enjoy this kind of game. I like difficutly and I hope that, after I finnish high school and do the University Entry Exam, this summer I can play some tens of hours of this game cause it really looks like worth putting hundreds of hours of playing into it.

Thanks for all of the effort and love you put into this, I'm glad it's now a "big" game, you deserve it!

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Aweome! Thank you

Edit: I'm a filthy cheater, mind if I ask you where the saves are stored at?

Press alt+enter

Too late, he's dead already and what I liked about him was his personality characteristics (which are chosen randomly)

But thanks anyway, I didn't know about the autosave. And btw the game is quite fun :)

How can I save the game? I really love my currect character so I would like to save it before continuing with the game.

In my opinion, that extra difficulty is not a bad thing.

Just a tip here; you can wait turns without having to place the base. That way you can receive terraforming tools before placing the base to make it more suitable without using up resources.

This is what worked for me:

Do not accept any of the first colonists. Wait two turns without placing the base so that you get terraforming tools.

Now, with those terraforming tools change a place you find desirable (normally, one with at least one, and if you can two water wells, and at least one mineral nearby).

Your base doesn't need to be bunched up together, you can spread it a lot. So Place three solar panels, two houses and try to place them in a way that gives you direct access to at least three farm plots (or two, but then you would need to terraform one mountain to make it farmable) and at least one mineral. Accept the second wave of twenty colonists, all of them. Place one factory and two farms directly near to each other for a total of 15 colonists out of 20.

You will start losing 20 water per turn. Make sure you have acces to a second water well (or at least that you will have if using a terraforming tool) and you have access to enough power. Then use that new metal to create power lines to reach that second water well, wait 4 turns and survive off your water reserves. You will have only 20 water left, and will receive new colonists. Take 10 of them in, and build a water extractor with them. Now you will not have enough food but will have enough water to survive. Survive off of your stored food, and save metal to build two new farms, and now, you will be stable. You will have a surplus of both water and food and will produce metal.

By now you could leave the base like this, not accept new colonists and just grow and use the terraforming tools to create a good landscape for your new citizens. But beware: from now on, the number of colonists coming in will increase to 30, then 40 and then 50 (and then go back to 20), and you can only take either all of them, half of them or none.

So you will need to always make sure that you have enough space, surplus of food and water and energy to always take 15, 20 and 25 (half) of the incoming colonists each time.

This way you can easily beat the game.

Sorry if it was too long.


This is a simple yet very entertainging (and even addictive) game.

You start with a small landing pod and expand with solar panels and greenhouses etcetera.

However it's very hard to even survive ten turns at first, until you learn how to properly do stuff.

Then, when you manage to create a self sustainable base, the game gets a little bit easier, but it's still challenging and requires you to think.

However, I would suggest a new feature to be added: being able to continue with your base after you beat the game. After working so hard not to get all of your people killed, I would realy love to just sit there and try to  expand a lot more.

Furthermore, this game could be more complicated. It's a bit simple for my taste. Of course, not everyone agrees with me (and the game is already quite hard) but I wouldn't mind if it had more rules like farms consumig extra water too, and some buildings requiring more refined materials. (I'm a long time Factorio player so I really enjoy that kind of gameplay)

So, to summarize, I really liked it, 4.8/5!

Does it still have permadeath?

Ayuwoki? yes I'm workin

I'm so happy to hear that you're working on a new episode.

I'm trying to make a game inspired in yours too, and I can understand how hard it is to make the game while studying/working/doing other stuff. So don't worry, take your time. I hope you get to finish it soon <3

But don't feel pushed, only program if you feel like it, it is the love the programmer and designer puts into the game that makes it so good. 

Your game still is so fun to play!

Hoping for more soon

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what secret place?

Edit:  I looked it on internet. Whoah, I can't believe I didn't find this.

It's the old game, the oldest one, from when it wasn't called fragments of euclid. NuSan was testing the teleportation, in FoE apparently he added the rotation of the view and with it, so much more to do in the game than just activate cirlces. That's an idea @NuSan you could make a sequel in which the game isn't a puzzle game about activating stuff, but a game with a story that unravels in this weird impossible game. For example it could be set after you meet Euclid. He tells you that you are in his world. A world were geometry isn't bound to the laws of nature and he could create new more interesting things. He tells you that he was training you. Training you to navigate this world and save it from an invading force. xd

It is one single map. The doors teleport you and change your orientation. That way, if you're inside a map that is the inside of a cube, you can have like six rooms in a single actual room. 

Makes me feel uncomfortable and sad. I'm not made for these kinds of games. I mean, it's great, I just guess I don't work well with emotions.

I don't use Unity but yeah, it's always good to learn new things.

At the beginning I thought of making the teleportation stuff myself, but maybe I can use some assets too. Gosh I now want to make a game using these kinds of things so much I may start today (only maybe cause I'm sutdying right now. School is not easy and who knows if I got enough free time).

And Memory of a Broken Dimension is still just a demo and only has like 30-60 minutes of (awesome) gameplay. "This version is pretty old (2012) and not very representative of where the project is currently. "  says the author, so apparently when it gets released it'llbe even better.




I already started trying to code something similar, and I think I know how to make the teleportation thing but I have absolutely no idea of how you did the many reflections thing that you can see in "The Tower". That really blew my mind. I mean, when you look at a door, you see what's in front of the other door. I mean, again, in the tower, instead of seeing a wall, you see what's in front of the exit door in the next floor. You'r game did that in a great way, so much that it feels real.

Gosh I have so many ideas!

And thank you for those recomendations! I really love these kinds of visual games, where you need to see the world in a different way in order for you to finnish them. I also recomend you the game, which is really interesting and has a very cool dark ambience. And also try . All of his games are really strange optical illusion things.

One more IMPORTANT thing; can I get the OST of Fragments of Euclid anywhere? I can't find it anywhere on the internet and I really, REALLY love it

NuSan, I love all of your games, but know that I'm craving for a sequel for Fragments of Euclid. It made me an addict! I may even try to do a game with simmilar mechanics by myself.

I tried Linux commands. Apparently RELICS isn't Unix based. No, seriously, what commants can I use? apparently it reacts to CD and START, but idk how to introduce any parameters

Fun, kinda like a easier factorio. Finished it in one single playthrough (it means it's cool and fun)

Thank you very much, sir!

@NuSan, I need to talk to you, where can I contact you? I want to ask you some questions about FoE and maybe share some ideas.

Me too

Who made the graphics?

Who made the graphics?

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Love it! What engine or IDE did you use to make it? Wha language is it programmed in?

You'r games are awesome.

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Dude how did you do this? I am not a big fan of puzzle games but god I like this one!

Did you just use a lot of effort to make this or a real smart idea? I prefer to think it's the second one. Anyways, what a mind bender, I love it!


*A W E S O M E* .  Loved it, I will show this to my cousin right now, we like using our minds. I generally don't like puzzle games cause they are boring. This was absolutely not the case. It is strange but once you finish the first laser you start to understand how it works. After finishing it it feels so natural. My favourite one; The tower. It was actually extremely easy if you are observative (just have to go through the doors that don't have your reflection) but it was very clever so I enjoyed it a LOT.