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This is a simple yet very entertainging (and even addictive) game.

You start with a small landing pod and expand with solar panels and greenhouses etcetera.

However it's very hard to even survive ten turns at first, until you learn how to properly do stuff.

Then, when you manage to create a self sustainable base, the game gets a little bit easier, but it's still challenging and requires you to think.

However, I would suggest a new feature to be added: being able to continue with your base after you beat the game. After working so hard not to get all of your people killed, I would realy love to just sit there and try to  expand a lot more.

Furthermore, this game could be more complicated. It's a bit simple for my taste. Of course, not everyone agrees with me (and the game is already quite hard) but I wouldn't mind if it had more rules like farms consumig extra water too, and some buildings requiring more refined materials. (I'm a long time Factorio player so I really enjoy that kind of gameplay)

So, to summarize, I really liked it, 4.8/5!