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Nuke ( Nukeita)

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I like the music, the effects and the game overall. Good Work!!

oh. Nice. Let me know when you post the game so i can have a look. 😀

Thank you!

yeah.. i forgot!! now i have modified it

wow, good work really interesting. Thank you

Nice work, i like it!

Very nice, much more polished than my version :D :D  I have also add something to this game! I hope it made to day 6!!

Check my version if you want! cheers!

Hi al, i'm currently working on this one:

Nice, i think i take this game for the day 5. I try to improve some aspect of the game ;)

yeah i saw, im sorry for that. I haven't time to add something in the last days because i dont have enougth time after work. :(    was planning to do something in day 5 or 6 but... i love the idea and also the arts. Simple and clear.

I have add godot to my game in the title and also a web playable build.

I really love it !! so simple and clean and i hope it arrives at least on day 4, when I will finally have time to play some games free from my weekly work that prevents me from dedicating myself and giving my contribution.

No i have used Godot (version 4.1.1 stable)

Yes you are rigth. Done, is more clear now :)   thank you.

i have made mine for 2 hours when the game jam start (was midnight for me..) and add another hour now before i submit, really few time and poor work, but i think is in the "spirit" of the jame leave something to do and add at the other devs who like your work ;)

Thank you for you collection! Can you add my "game" too? i have submitted few minutes ago.  Here is the link:

I agree with yaminoodle 

Not sure if i can make an entry for day 1, but in case I will certainly clearly indicate the version of Godot used and the scripting language adopted (Gdscript..) in the title.

I don't know if i can make an entry for day 1.. but i try, and i use Godot as Unity. But i want partecipate at this event using Godot Engine 4.x

Hi, i try your game soon!! thx for the follow.

Fantastic tileset, i have used it in a gamejam. Found my game here! Hope you like it:

I love the concept of the game, nice idea. Keep developing!! good luck!

Nice and simple game, combine in a good way the memory element and the rouguelike exploration! nice idea, i love it! Works well i don't found any bug. Keep working is a good project!

Is a really good game, Maddie is really cute and i like the animations also i love the music.
Simple and good. If this is your first game you must keep coding and work because i hope to see another game soon! Good work!

Congrats Noa!!! Continue your jurney!! i love the minigame!