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Saw Jess' tweet and ended up here! Played this for a bit and figured I'd comment with some thoughts:

- I loaded in and wasn't looking at the door to go into the pool area
- If I'm supposed to hunt for the entryway it may be best to define the explorable area outside of the fenced-in pool space a bit and make it implicitly "there" and ready to be explored
- While I cannot fall off the edge into the void, invisible walls aren't doing the experience justice. I'd rather see white box walls and faux white box buildings in the inaccessible distance around me than the ability to see the void and skybox (even in a proof of concept, staging is a big deal)
- I tried uncovering the pool, couldn't, found a thing that made noise and allowed me to uncover the pool further
- I hooked up hoses and connected a little vacuum robot to it that automatically floated off and cleaned the pool
- The water went clear and the gross water went into the kiddie pool, nice
- couldn't interact with anything else, not sure if done or

it was ok

Makes sense! Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you!

I plan on going through all the current copy to makes some edits and revisions. I agree that things can get a bit dark, but I want to strike a nice balance between light and dark discussion between the two. Some of the conversations right now scratch the surface of a broader conversation that could be had between the two so once I flesh that out a bit more the context might help keep a nice balance. :D


The subtle nuances of this game's narrative is a commentary on the current state of Ohio's economic crisis.

In the thread would've been cool but I don't mind!

Very cool of you to do this, man, thanks! Hopefully people will use it!

Hey all, I'm looking for a few bits of information from everyone participating in this weekend's jam! I'm excited to see what everyone can come up with. Before tomorrow evening, please provide the following information:


Off-Site or On-Site:


Student/Professional/Studio (describe where you work or where/what you study):

All members should join the GameDesign@LTU Discord server as well. There, provide your name/skillset/etc. in #chat so I can associate you with the appropriate roles/channels.